Carol Ralefeta, The Divine Diva

This lady not only has a beautiful aura around her, but she has a golden voice to match. The first time I heard Carol Ralefeta’s voice, I was in awe! Recently, I finally summed up the courage to ask her for an interview. She agreed, and this is what transpired:

Boitumelo: For those who don’t know you, who is Carol Ralefeta? Where are you from?
Carol: I’m Carol Ralefeta. I was born in Mafikeng in the North West and moved to Joburg when I was 5 years old. I have been here ever since. I’m a radio presenter on the Divine Edge show on Metro FM on the Saturday breakfast slot between 5am and 9am, and Sundays from 3am to 6am. I am also a writer for SOUL magazine and a freelance make-up artist. I am an MC and voiceover artist as well.

Boitumelo: What does a day in Carol’s life entail?
Carol: I work really hard. My day is filled with radio as I do some retail radio as well, voiceovers, writing, and now and again a drink with the girls. I do a feature in SOUL magazine where I get to take celebs out for lunch then write about it, so that is really exciting.

Boitumelo: How did you get into the entertainment industry?
Carol: It was really hard getting into the industry. I started doing campus radio on the then RAU Radio. That was over 10 years ago! I then joined the newsroom at 94.7 Highveld Stereo, where I practiced as a journalist for about 2 years before exploring being behind the microphone. It was exciting and I’ve never looked back. I got the opportunity to join the Metro Fm team in April 2011 and I must say I love it!

Boitumelo: Do you feel you are successful or are you just getting started?
Carol: I am just getting started; there is so much I want to do. I understand I have to take baby steps, but I want to be that baby that ran before all the other kids.

Are you content with where you are in life right now? 
Carol: I will never be content! I am forever looking for ways and means to be inspired and challenged, so I will never rest.

Boitumelo: Any Read the full story

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Q&A with SCIM Graduates DJ Bongane and Thabiso

When asked for individual interviews DJ Bongane and Thabiso requested a joint interview as they seem themselves as one brand. I see where they’re going with this and when I asked them if F.Eu and KentPhonic have anything to do with this, I was met with a blank stare. They claim they had never actually thought about it that way. Oh well here’s what the guys had to say about their journey so far:

DJ Thabiso

Thabiso, how did you meet your partner in crime Bongani?

T: Bongane and I met at the SCIM. We were attending our third practical class; he approached me and asked what my name was, and told me that he likes the way I play, especially my mixing. We soon started playing and practicing together for gigs.

Why did you pick deejaying, instead of another career path?

T: I took djing for the love of House music, the beats and vocals. Djing is a passion I’ve had since I completed my Matric. I’m not only involved in djing as I’m busy with a course at Soul Candi specialising in the music business. Next year I’m planning on upgrading my Matric marks so I can go to the Tshwane University of Technology to study media.

B: It’s my passion for music.

How did you get involved with Soul Candi?

T: I was searching for a music institution on the internet and came across the Soul Candi Institute of Music. I applied and they invited me for Read the full story

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Meet Candi Roots’ DJ Cuebur

Nicholas Mboweni, better known as DJ Cuebur, is a budding artist who hails from Middelburg, a small town in Mpumalanga. The music bug bit him at the tender age of 15, where he began a love affair with Hip Hop, and eventually House music. A friend would record demo tapes at his place and would leave his equipment, allowing Cuebur to experiment with it. He soon taught himself how to mix and play. I spent a few minutes getting to know him and what makes him tick.

How did you get into the Soul Candi Institute of Music?
I was passionate about music and wanted to get into a career that embraced this newfound love. I did a bit of research on SCIM and was hooked. I began my studies in 2010 and one of my courses covered advanced music production, sound engineering and the music business.

How did you become part of Candi Roots?
My journey into Candi Roots came about when the Soul Candi head office made an announcement that they wanted the students to submit songs to be put on a compilation album. I submitted mine and two weeks later I got a call from Brett Jackson (R.I.P.) informing me that Soul Candi wanted to licence my songs. One of my songs was chosen to go into the Soul Candi 5 album. Soul Candi had recognised me as an artist! They asked if I was interested in doing a project with them. Candi Roots was born, and I became a part of the Soul Candi family.

Achievements? Read the full story

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Getting to Know DJ Groovin

Soul Candi

Soul Candi runs an advanced music school which equips deejays and music enthusiasts with skills and knowledge about the entertainment industry. The school produces many enthusiasts who are making names for themselves within the music industry. Over the next few weeks I’ll be profiling various Soul Candi Institute of Music (SCIM) graduates. First on the list is DJ Groovin:

Who is DJ Groovin?
My birth name is Vincenzo Ladeira and I’m from Alberton. I’m 19 years old, Italian, and I’m a passionate music enthusiast.

How did you join the Soul Candi Institute of Music?
I met Clive Bean, who asked me to come through to Soul Candi after he’d heard me play, which led to me becoming part of the SC Institute of Music. After joining the SCIM I started my first course which I excelled at. I’m proud to gloat that I got full marks for the exam!

What and how do you enjoy playing your sets?
I don’t box myself when it comes to playing as I play commercial, deep and Latin tic music. Music deals with the emotions and motions of an individual and it is perceived as the propeller of life.

Why music as a career option?
My love for music began seven years ago when I started deejaying at family functions and house parties. I had an ear for virtual music and would pick it up easily. When I studied, I couldn’t do it in silence, so I started listening to music; but, instead of studying, I would listen to the music. I also enjoy changing people’s moods through music. Read the full story

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Hello, Mr. Right, are you out there?

“It’s not like we’re ugly, don’t have bad breath nor smelly feet, but for some odd reason we still find ourselves single,” a dear friend keeps emphasising. Like hello, Mr. Right, are you out there? Where can I find you? Maybe not find you per se but will we ever meet, like the way it is told in fairytales – remembering that life is not one.

Many friends and I included, have jumped from one bad relationship to the next. It has been a recurring cycle for the past couple of years. Yah I’m sure someone’s reading this and thinking dirt will attract dirt. Okay, to clear the air before it gets bad. An individual doesn’t necessarily attract what they are subconsciously. It’s like an apple or chocolate. You see something colourful, delicious and exciting on the outside but once you’ve taken a bite of it you realise that this thing is not the greatest. I’m sure there’s a girl shaking her head and agreeing to these words.

So now that one has sorted out their criteria and long list of do’s and don’ts, there comes that breaking point everyone gets to. You reach a stage where you refuse to date a guy or chick below your long list of do’s and don’ts. The so-called potentials come and go; you go on a few dates but a couple of months down the down the line there’s still no man/woman to call ‘yours’. Now you start dropping your criteria less and less like now you’ll take the guy who has no sense of style or the guy who has a gold tooth (no offence) or the guy who tweezes his eyebrows like a lady as he fills them in with an eye brow pencil, or better yet, the guy who Read the full story

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Cancer, You…!

By the time you read this October would be a thing of the past which is Cancer Awareness Month. As a young child I was quite ignorant about the illnesses of the world. We would donate R5 at school for this and that cause and I never really understood it until my mother sat me down and said to me, “Your cousin has leukemia!”

She has what? In my young 9 year old mind I was thinking that God didn’t love her enough and if I donated more money at school then she won’t be sick anymore. I was told that leukemia is the cancer of the blood and that’s where tutorial 101 about cancer began and ended. This was the beginning of a never ending journey for my family and me with cancer.

Fast forward to 2008 where the family found out that the leader of the pack, my grandmother had cancer. Many tests were done to finally determine what was wrong with her as she had being misdiagnosed on many occasions, which would always see her back in the hospital. Read the full story

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Social Network Recluse

I am not on any social networks, there I said it! I remember it like yesterday when Facebook hit South Africa by storm. I had just started tertiary and everyone, I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e was abuzz about poking, tagging and seeing whoever whoever’s profile (a once foreign concept to me). Friends would encourage, persuade and even threaten each other that if they do not join they wouldn’t be considered relevant anymore. People would crumble and when they were members they would in turn persuade others. I’ve heard it so many times “Ek se, I’ll halla at you on Facebook” or wait, even better “what’s your profile name” and when you say “I don’t have Facebook,” they give you that shocked nerdy look. “You’re not on Facebook or Twitter, what do you mean?” Exactly that, I’m not on any of them. The faces that fall in confusion!

So here’s my thing, I’m not against social networking but I guess I’m just really old school, even though I’m 22 in this technologically advanced world. Seems like I’m procrastinating and closing down a different, faster paced world but I really don’t see the point for NOW. When I want to speak to a friend for whatever reason I will either call, SMS or even email them and if I don’t do neither I don’t consider them a friend at all. But everything else I don’t do. I once read that social networks give you the ability to switch off when you don’t want to reply to the world as you can lose yourself in the persona you have created. Funny how someone can ask you a question and you ignore them yet an hour later you update your status. That statement right there changed me.

I once gave into temptation and joined FB and Twitter (which didn’t last very long). People become highly opinionated; some mock others just to make themselves feel better. Others thrive on the drama, chaos and escapism. On the upside, I was in contact with friends from primary and high school, which was great but I soon realised this was not for me and I deleted my profile. Maybe the real reason I’m not on any social networks is because I’m not the thick-skinned young lady I thought I was as people can be brutal on these platforms… Oh well, either way I’m happy without it all.

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Interlude to Penning My Thoughts

After seeing my previous article online, I felt some form of relief as people responded to the article and encouraged me to keep pushing hard as something good will eventually happen. Today was like any other day, until my younger brother demeaned me about being unemployed. According to him, I am a bum and I am not even trying to find a job. He doesn’t even know the half of it! I have emailed CVs everywhere, knocked on doors and socialised my way into being with the ‘right’ crowd. I have sent applications, submitted portfolios called, pestered HR departments, but still nothing! Who do I blame this on? Government? My qualification? I say neither. For some reason I’m settling with “It’s going to come.”
I will do just about anything (well not really anything) right now to score a J-O-B. My dad says this and that and for me it goes in the one ear and comes out the other. I just don’t know what the most irritating thing is, that people say something will come up… and who are they? My future employees? I am quite bitter… it’s not like I’m not trying – I’m really trying to get a job but honestly I think I should just accept being unemployed Read the full story

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Penning My Thoughts

My journey has come to an abrupt end…or has it just began I don’t know! I came here in search for some answers hopefully about what direction I would like my life to take. Okay, maybe that was a bit understated, I came here for some peace and quiet, soul searching, maybe get some insight into what direction would best suit my life. I really don’t know why I came here. Maybe I came here to feel the comfort of not being asked too many questions about where my life is going.

I would like to believe that I have somehow hit a curve ball as to where my life would like to go. I have now established where I want to go, what I want to do. I’m always reminding myself that not everyone’s success will come as per normal where after Matric you go to tertiary and after getting a degree you’ll automatically get a job. Life is not really all that sunflowery as everyone thinks it is. Some people work hard to get that desirable job and for some it automatically falls into their laps. Where does that leave me as neither of the above has happened?

I came here doubting myself, not knowing what to do with what was thrown at me. I didn’t have the backbone that is required of me. To think that for the past 7 months I have been jumping from interview to interview and not getting that call that says ‘Miss Masemola you’ve got the job’. I don’t know what hurts more, not getting the job or secretly knowing that I didn’t get the job. The disappointment on my mother’s face is enough to set me alight. I think, maybe the next one will be mine. Will it really be mine? Read the full story

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