Phakamis’ iFlag: Blue Collar Households Raise White Collar Mansions!

Phakamis’ Iflag is a platform to praise the positive in the hood, to celebrate the people that make it the beautiful place that it is, and to constantly challenge the powers that be, to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for all who live in it.

This article is dedicated to all the sons and daughters of the soil that make it such a life altering experience to grow up and be successful ekasi. To be born into the organised chaos that the township is, goes a mile and a few in building strong characters and personalities that make up today’s leaders of industry, inspiring artists and spearheads of our beloved country. From a majority of blue collar households where parents kicked the dusty streets of the township in the early morning to earn their keep, to the kitchen party societies and MChina gambling circuits that have put many through school, the people of ekasi have always been financially innovative and determined to make life worth living for their families.

So here’s to the brave, that police our dangerous streets;

To the mothers that have single-handedly kept households on their feet;

The men who are ever-present fathers to their children, no matter how hard the situation.

Here’s to those that inspire others to be great, and make it their responsibility to empower the hopeful young minds in the township;

The teachers that give much-needed knowledge to young minds and build the foundation needed to progress; Read the full story

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Morning Glory with Flava!


Pic by Paul Shiakallis


Hot personalities and a cup of coffee make for a little flavour in the morning

By Motheo Khoaripe

Since our last chat with MO Flava, his breakfast team has welcomed new members and a new flavour to Joburg’s top youth radio station. I parted with my blankets at ungodly hours of the morning to try catch up with the peeps that make up the new breakfast menu.

Arriving at the Y studios it’s quite unsettling seeing people highly energised and ready to work at 5am, especially when you are the only one feeling half dead. I make friends with the kettle and coffee supply as the team gathered around new executive producer Kutloano ‘Kuxx’ Nhlapo to finalise the morning’s show. The varying personalities are clear but one thing is common, pure talent and a serious sense of humour.

The 23 year old Daveyton-born producer relayed his story of breaking into regional radio, citing the hardships he experienced juggling a day job and a late show on a campus radio station. He tells of his love/hate relationship with radio that started while he was in high school in Benoni making trips to the Rosebank studios, trying to get exposure to a career path he loved so dearly. It wasn’t all romance and roses, he highlights, recounting the many muggings, dropping out of college and investing his salary in voiceover demos while trying to break the radio fold.

His ability to be patient and his hard work paid off when he pitched a new format and way forward for the show in front of an intimidating Yfm senior staff, after which a contract and an intense shadowing process with then outgoing Executive Producer Tsheko, left him feeling at home with his new challenge. When I inquired about the late nights and early hours he would be having, he simply said the pace and madness that happens comes with the territory, one he thoroughly enjoys. He added that radio’s mental artistry keeps him forever intrigued and the opportunity to express one’s creativity with an energetic listenership makes it all worthwhile for the deep-voiced producer. Read the full story

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Phakamis’ Iflag: A Shot at Hope

Any boy ekasi will tell you that as soon as they had found their balance as toddlers, they were introduced to soccer. Unfortunately, many grow up knowing it as the only sport of interest in their surroundings. Well, at one run down tennis court at Sinaba Stadium, sounds of Catch and Howzat can be heard from a distance, where a handful of young people who chose to explore a different sporting code can be found.

The Daveyton Cricket Club, Read the full story

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Musa Kalenga: Making His Mark

Musa The Man

Musa Kalenga























Dubbed the New African Legend, Musa Kalenga has the character of a real son of the soil. His story tells a tale of a man well-travelled and cultured by the great handshakes he has been fortunate to make. Taking his opportunities fully and living a life of trial and error has evidently paid off for the Zambian-born youth marketing guru, who is also the co-founder of Monatefellaz, a youth branding agency designed to solve the puzzle that is the youth market. Read the full story

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Phakamis’ Iflag: Infinite Boys

Spinning the decks has become Mzansi’s most lucrative entertainment trades, with top jocks being fully booked right through the year. So, it’s no surprise that Daveyton duo Infinite Boys is carving their path in this industry. The first feature of Phakamis’ Iflag focuses on the rise and rise of the industry’s hot House boys.

It’s a Sunday evening. I have managed to pull strings and acquire Raphael’s numbers. My mind tells me that if these guys are truly big then I’ll get a voice message and try again the next morning… which would further push my pressing deadline. The phone rings and someone answers. Thumping House tunes are heard in the background. Nonetheless, I get my story across. I’m asked to conduct a first in the world of journalism… an interview via SMS! Read the full story

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Soul-Threaded Manners – Street Etiquette

Being eloquent in style is a nurtured skill because no one can ever teach knowledge of self and personal style. It is only common chivalry though, for one to attempt to share this skill with the next man and hope that he is guided to a path of style that better defines him or her. The street etiquette fashion crew are doing just that, using fashion as a thread to teach history and heritage of Urban African Americans by fusing urbanity, originality and diversity. Read the full story

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Vodacom Leading the way in Affordable Technology

With the recent infrastructural and technological advancements in Seacom and other fast bandwidth augmenters, South Africa is well on its way to becoming an efficient society. Vodacom has taken it upon itself to lessen computer illiteracy as well as the present digital divide, by introducing the low-cost compact computer, Linkbook. Read the full story

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Apple Firing from all Technological Cylinders

The new iPhone 4 is the world’s thinnest Smartphone, measuring a remarkable 9.3 millimeters thin – that’s over 25 percent thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS, and HTC’s Droid Incredible.

Released for AT&T – a leader in telecommunication services including cell phones, wireless, U-verse, digital TV, high speed internet and DSL; it is the equivalent of Vodacom in South Africa. Read the full story

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