A special request to the president

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There’s never a dull moment in South Africa. Ever.

It’s the reason why relocating when things get nasty to places such as Australia or the Uk are just not options for me. Ever! When things seem to be getting quiet something always is sure to happen in SA…it’s much like a family function that Uncle Smang Mang the alcoholic is invited to. Yes, a bitter exchange of words is bound to happen before the sun sets but we still love him anyway and never fail to invite him for matric dance parties/graduation parties/baby showers or house warming parties.

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So this complicated government of ours is once again in trouble…I sigh…When I first heard about the Gupta scandal I was in awe…Not at the carelessness, lack of responsibility or the racism that went down at Sun city by some of the family members (shame on them). No not that, it’s that saying that Madiba said that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it” that had me stirred up. I too want to enjoy the benefits that come with living in Mzansi like the Gupta’s experienced that day. So this is my letter to Bab Zuma… *Clears throat*



Dear Mr President

My name is Pops and I will not judge the way you govern the country coz really it must be hard. My job is hard too but yours sheesh… it must be back breaking, I feel you. Really I do. The reason I am writing to you sir is about the recent Gupta thang that went down. I know you say you had nothing to do with it and all that and I believe you, seriously…I do. The thing is, I plan on getting married soon and just need to know where I stand.

I think the man in my life has a few surprises in store for me on the “big day” so I just need to know if we too can go wild…Will he be able to have an extravagant wedding for me like the Gupta’s? Can I be escorted to my wedding venue by the flying squad too? Can my gifts be safe guarded by muscled men and women who will guard my guests as if they are royalty without passports and visa’s? Can I Mr president, please? Can my Shwam Shwam and I please use the state funds to land our jet filled with our aunties, cousins and uncles from all across Mzansi at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria…pretty please? I promise no one will get in trouble for it, again. Can I also have the “Wedding of the century” and maybe later get featured on Top Billing with Bonang as she interviews us.

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Please do consider it, or must I ask Mr Mantashe first?

Warmest regards


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Writers alert


Kasi times has been pushing passion for a few beautiful years. Now in those years we’ve met a few lovers, haters and even groupies of the brand. No doubt we love you all equally. But this year we wish to broaden our horizons in a major way. Big time. We want writers, wanna bees and pro’s to join the pool of gifted people. These are people who don’t mind losing themselves to words but allow themselves to find their feet through expression in areas such as blogs, tweets and KT.

So if you’re from the hood, the burbs or are chilling somewhere emakhaya if writing, people, gadgets, events or music are your thang…do join us. We are looking for young aspiring writers who are unafraid of speaking their mind, writing their thoughts and inspiring the nation while doing so. It’s a free gig but the experience, exposure and opportunities that come with the KT brand…massive. So send us your piece and let’s move SA to where it could and should be, somewhere up there chilling with greatness and class.


Send us your profile, a 5 lined motivation on why you wanna join the team, a pic or two and a piece of your mind in 200 words to pops@kasitimes.co.za or editor@kasitimes.co.za … Let’s do!


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Home Before February-Book Review

MasingitaThis year Masingita has done it yet again, he has written on a topic I personally am crazy about. I read a lot on this particular subject but he has done it in a way that is truly unique. He chose to write on love. Before you singletons roll your eyes out of your head let me explain what makes his views on the matter so special. He has dedicated 90 plus pages into pouring out his affection towards love and he did it well.

Masingita Masiya’s first offering to the world of words was through “The Right To Mourn” a book which was more sad and slightly morbid if you weren’t in that space and couldn’t relate, but I loved it too because of the fact that it was honest and so different, I truly did. In this book however, he goes all out in expressing himself, not only that, but for each chapter he has included the opinions of other romantics from all walks of life who share their views on the matter. They do so beautifully! “Home before February” is a collection of butterfly-causing-poems that make tough girls turn into teenage smitten kids. Poems like “Ribbon of awe, Depth unknown, Within your smile, Yours, Occupied and A moment in the life of you” are my favourite pieces. It’s simple poetry backed up by hard yet sincere affection towards whoever the lucky woman he (Masingita) calls his girlfriend.Lucky fish! 

Men don’t usually express their love openly to us women, especially black men, so seeing a collection of poems dedicated to love written by a brother…is nothing short of amazing. You can take me to heaven because I have officially seen it all! I think I’d like to see Masingita diversify his skill as a writer, his poems are on point no doubt, but I’d like to see him stretch out his poetry into a novel, because I do believe he is more than capable. But until then I’ll keep drooling over “Home before February” and enjoy every sentence, word and hope of a lasting, growing love in my own life.

For your copy contact Masingita Masiya at 076 162 3430 or e-mail info@lefokolakgosi.co.za


Miss Poppy Pops Vilakazi

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Low budget dating guide for amajita in 2013

For those brothers who are about to go into a relationship but think ‘Oh snap it’s cheaper to be single” I am not about to mislead you, it is true. Let’s face it, the initial dating phase is any man/hustlers life is a nightmare to the wallet. Chocolate and cellphone companies don’t see it that way though.p2

The likes of Forrero Rocher, Cadbury and Lindt don’t care about your debits bouncing. Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Heita are making a killing from love birds who spend their day smsing sweet nothings all day or practise the words of Stevie Wonder when he “Just called to say I love you”. Do not get me started on the fast food joints filled with couples snogging each other in corners in front of shocked pikinini’s. Businesses thrive from couples who are head over heels in love with each other. I love love so I have come up with cost effective ways to keep that love booming/growing/flourishing without growing broke in 2013.


  1. When you hook up with your “sweerut” or “Sugar dibeng beng” for a lunch date, to avoid a large bill I suggest you eat a minimum of 6 slices of bread with either jam or peanut butter (filing I tell you) at least an hour before the date and take that down with tea as that fills you up more than a glass of warm Oros ever would.
  1. As a man, don’t think she will think any less of you if you suggest to meet up at a cost effective fast food joint like Hungry Lion, KFC, Chicken Licken, Maki’s Kota’s. Humility is sexy. I’m serious.
  1. Why go to the movies and spend R150 on a movie (popcorn and coke excluded) when our broadcaster SABC and E-tv have such a great line up of films this year? Fine, they all star Chuck Norris and Van Damme but the whole point is bonding is it not?
  1. Avoid going to malls with your woman, meet in a park, a taxi rank, ekoneni or something financially safe like that.
  1. Valentine’s day, I advise you make it clear from the 1st of February this year that you think it is a commercialised day sucking the money out of perfectly healthy relationships. Also give her the gory and depressing history of how Valentines day actually came about. When the 14th arrives, trust me, she won’t be interested. Thank me later. My email address is pops@kasitimes.co.za valentines
  1. We love perfume and fancy things. But tell her how her natural odour is more than good enough as it is. Why dilute perfection? Why buy a Brazilian weave for thousands when her kinky fro makes her a Nubian queen? We appreciate being told how awesome we are, even when we really aren’t on that day. Do it.
  1. Do activities that don’t require you to take out instant loans with your grandmother in order to keep the fire burning. Like paint her toenails, write her poetry, go for long walks. Talk. Cook for her. Get to know her.
  1. Get creative, make her a gift for her birthday. Don’t buy mfwetu. Trust me it has more weight *wink*.
  1. Communicate via Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter or Facebook. So reliable, so affordable it’s almost free, may God bless whoever invented the internet.


  1. Visit her when she least expects it, call her when she doesn’t know you will. Pick a rose from your (white) neighbours garden. The way to a woman’s heart is through an unexpected gesture of love.

With that said, we ladies don’t really need that much from a man. Sure, you can spoil her every now and then, but it’s not the price of an item that makes us blush like little white girls and draw maps with our feet on the ground. It’s the thought that goes into each and every word a man says that has meaning. Like saying how beautiful you think she is, telling her you love her. Rubbing her feet after a long day at work. Asking if everything is fine with her family and caring about her feelings these are things that makes us tick. When you spend your time listening to a woman and know her shoe size or what her favourite show her is, you are a man indeed. Get that right and 2013 will be heaven on earth for you and yours.

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Sabelo Mthembu -The next big thang to hit the music world!

Unfortunately due to the rapid pace life seems to travel at, I never have time to ever listen to music, but when I do get time it has to be have been worth that precious minute. So because I never have time for things like fun or social activities I was invited/forced to a performance by a good friend of mine and the opening act was a young man who for once in my life made me shut up and give him my undivided attention the minute he opened his mouth to sing.

SabeloThere is just something about Sabelo Mthembu’s voice that has me believing and knowing for a fact that this young man will become the next big thing to hit SA’s music scene in 2013.

His voice is husky yet also like silk. Rough and rugged, but also perfectly smooth and pure.  I’m so happy that when he gets nominated at the SAMA’s  or Metro’s this year in the Best New Comer category I will be one of those people who will sit back from my couch and say “Kasi Times told you so”. His music speaks to the heart in that he sings about love, life and brotherly affection in a cheerful yet soulful manner with a sprinkle of quality jazz elements in it. Rare for someone his age. I’m no Simon Cowell or Randal Abrahams but “Songs of Brotherhood” is an album I would buy any day and rock in my car, phone, ipod, stereo or hi-fi.


The former SA idols contestant sings about things I can relate to, things I aspire to feel and his beats are simply …beautiful. I love each and every track because I can tell he did not rush himself in creating songs like “Ungumfowetu”, “Phola nhliziyo” or “Ofana nawe” which by the way is the title track to Thami Ngubeni’s SABC talk show “Life with Thami”. I can tell through tracks like “Dreaming in Cairo” that this brother is serious about his talent. I am a sucker for anything related to love so the song “Angiphili mawungekho” is my favourite/national anthem.


_JCA1930 copyHe sings both in vernac and English and has a voice so unique you would have to hear it for yourself in order to get what I am going on about. But if I would try to compare his vocal quality to anyone famous I would drop names like Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and Lemar except the difference is that he is unique in that he does it in a proudly Mzansi way. “Songs of brotherhood” drops at the end of February 2013. It’s a must have.

View his profile on www.sabelomthembu.com

Download his single on  http://soundcloud.com/sabelo-siphelele-mthembu/ofana-nawe.


Poppy Pops Vilakazi

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How to identify bogus colleges

So those of you planning on furthering your studies without proper information this is something you would want to nibble on. I stumbled on an article that said the following with regards to fake learning institutions in South Africa: Authorities, including the SAPS and the Department of Higher Education, are repeatedly issuing warnings for prospective students to steer clear of bogus colleges and educational scams.  But while this is useful advice, it may not be enough to actually assist young people in identifying such places.

Also, the public may also become unnecessarily wary of all private higher education institutions, limiting their own access to quality education. Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director of The Independent Institute of Education, says that because the private higher education sector is highly regulated in South Africa, with information readily available in prescribed formats, it is in fact easy to identify credible institutions and their campuses if you know what to look for.

“All the key information about the registration of an institution is available in the Register of Private Higher Education Institutions kept by the Department of Higher Education and Training, and the information is also readily available from reputable institutions,” she says.

“There are also a few key questions to ask to which there are some simple answers, and if an institution is able to respond appropriately, it is worth considering.” 

Coughlan says prospective students can do the following checks:

  • All private higher education institutions need to be registered with the Department. Any credible campus must be able to show you a certificate to that effect, which details the campus, provider and qualifications.
  • All higher education qualifications need to be accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee of the Council on Higher Education – if they are not accredited they will not appear on the certificate referred to above.
  • All qualifications must be registered on the NQF by SAQA and students should ask for the SAQA NQF identity numbers. 

Dr Coughlan also said “Once you have established these three things you can be sure you are dealing with a legitimate institution, and from there you can safely turn your attention to the particular qualification, quality and campus environment issues that meet your aspirations and interests,”.


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Watch your back!

While electronic transactions are on the rise, many of us still regularly go to the ATM to withdraw cash for smaller transactions. It’s a routine that many take for granted and that’s what fraudsters love to prey on. Fraudsters will use any opportunity to commit crimes, from looking over your shoulder, pretending to be security guards who “lend a hand”, to elaborate set ups such as installing a CCTV and skimmer on an ATM machine to steal information about your Visa card.  By stealing your card information, it will enable them to potentially create fake credit cards for fraudulent spending – all on your account. Here are three potentially tricky scenarios that you may face while withdrawing cash at an ATM and how to better protect yourself from fraud. 

1. ATMs in suspicious locations

Always be aware of your surroundings. If an ATM is poorly lit in a concealed location, or if you’re just not feeling comfortable, use another machine. Also avoid counting cash or rummaging through personal items while standing at the ATM.

2. Watch for ‘shoulder surfing’

You should have your PIN memorised and never, ever write it down. Cancel your transaction immediately if you notice suspicious activity such as someone lingering over your shoulder or suspicious equipment on the ATM itself. Also, choose a PIN that is not connected to your personal information, such as your date of birth or phone number.

Secondly, you should always take your ATM receipts with you. Keep your ATM receipts to compare against your bank statements as this is one of the best ways to help guard against fraud. Furthermore, you can also sign up for email or text ‘transaction alerts’ from your bank so you can be alerted to any transactions occurring from any of your accounts in real-time. 

3. Cash trapped

You should always examine the ATM carefully for devices. Card or cash trapping devices are usually glued or taped to the card reader or cash dispenser. Also, look for ‘extra’ cameras beyond the basic and generally obvious ATM security camera. If you run into any problems mid-transaction, don’t leave the machine. Instead call the bank from the ATM where your card was taken.

Visa works around the clock to ensure that your card transactions are protected worldwide but you can still take simple steps to ensure that you (and your Visa card) are not victims. These scenarios above are meant to make you aware that, although rare, crimes can happen anywhere, anytime.

For more tips and information on how to protect your account information, avoid payment card scams and resolve unauthorised card use visit www.VisaSecuritySense.com.

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I dare you to make 2013 happen!

It has been an interesting year sho case!I hope you have achieved your goals, yes, the ones you wrote down at the beginning of 2012 on a piece of paper which is now probably at the bottom of your bag scrunched up and mixed with your old ATM slips somewhere…in your bedroom. If you have not, get a new book write those down and let’s try it again.

Mzansi has seen quite a bit of drama, comedy and horror this year. Instead of dwelling on the negative events that this country has seen like the Jub-Jub case, the Dewani battle, the fall of Julius Malema, the rise of taxi fare, and the war of the E-tolls I wish to challenge your thinking.


I want to move away from Zuma and his mansions, wives, kids and paintings and would like to rather motivate, inspire and empower you into looking forward to what could be the best year of your life. You can’t change the events that have happened to-date, both in the country and in your life, but you can change your outlook towards it all.

Your mindset, dear reader, is the most powerful tool that you own. Your thinking has the potential to mold Mzansi into greatness. So I encourage you to surround yourself with people who think ahead. Read articles and books that move you to act better, do more and dream bigger. Look for jobs that motivate you to wake up everyday. Challenge yourself into reaching your full potential.

Snap! Start a business, write a book, go to school and change your attitude to one where hope and positivity live.  I dare you to dream in 2013 but even more so, I dare you to believe in your dreams and strive to make them happen.

You have a God given talent, use it! And besides what’s the worst that could happen…Success?  Achievement? Prosperity? Accomplishment?

Let’s do!


Poppy Pops Vilakazi

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BOOM Nandos does it again!

Nando’s does it yet again!

The controversial fast food company has come up with yet another one of their hard-to-forget adverts. This time Nonhle Thema – the controversial diva Mzansi loves to hate – stars in this latest Nando’s ad and does what she knows best… talking about how awesome she is! What’s cool about the ad is that it’s interactive as YOU can get to roast our favourite celebrity. Try it for yourself! You can create a personalised roast and share it with your friends.

As Ms. Thema herself says: ‘It’s not a meme, it’s me, me, me!

One’s gotta love Nando’s, they never disappoint. I loved the lines: “Are you serious? I’m Nonhle. I can buy the whole of Nando’s!”

“You just got served! If you want a more palatable grilling come to Nando’s for the greatest, most delicious, flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken. And if you want to dish it out, visit www.NonhleRoast.co.za BOOM!”

Leave the roasting to Nonhle and the grilling to Nando’s this Festive Season.

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You need to hustle hard!

You need to hustle hard!

Never in my 24 (going on 16) years of existence in God’s green earth did I ever think that I would one day quote a commercial rapper such as that Rick Ross guy. That big-boned bear got it very right when he said you need to “Hustle…hard” because in 2012 in this country – especially if you are brown in complexion – the hill of job opportunities and fortune will somehow turn itself into a mountain if you let it.

So, if you’re one of those laid back, cool, forever thinking/procrastinating chikitas and jitas, I hate to say this but you will never see or smell the land of milk and honey if that’s your attitude towards making your dreams real. Life will pass you by as you sit on that demo, it will rush past you while you plan to send that CV, it will swing past your lazy self if you let that show reel sit and collect dust. You will slowly watch who you could have been achieve success and bling because you were too lazy to wake up for that audition.

I had to hustle to gather funds to get an education because I wanted to know more than the little I knew after high school. I hustled my way into learning how to read and write well so that I could one day write for a powerful publication such as this one. I knew that I didn’t have the financial support to do most of the things I wanted to do in order to empower myself, like going to university, but my hunger for knowledge and thirst to be someone drove me to work at Woolworths as a cashier while in high school from the age of 16. I knew that I wasn’t a trust fund baby and knew my father’s name wasn’t Cyril Ramaphosa. I was aware from the get-go that the tarred walk to success might just be done without shoes but that didn’t stop me from travelling it! So, kindly refrain from giving me that “…but my mom and dad struggled because apartheid…” You need to stop making excuses about what you don’t have and set your eyes on all you can achieve hawu! Most millionaires grew up dirt poor; most successful artists had humble beginnings. Did that limit them? No, it motivated them.

Could I afford to go to varsity? No. Did it leave me broke? Yes. Would I do it again? Hell yes!

My first job in the media industry left me almost hating television collectively, not because the work was hard and I got spoken to like I was a retarded monkey… Heavens no! I almost quit because of all the rejection I got. I didn’t just wake up to being a Production Manager today or an Editor at Kasi Times because I’m pretty and have great boobs. No… I got rejected by almost every production company that exists in South Africa!

I used to send my CV and a motivation letter to the same companies every day 5 times a day for a good 11 months without fail while at varsity. They all said No every day; some even begged me to stop emailing them! I ignored their threats at blocking all my e-mails for harassing them; I persevered because I believed I’d one day make it. I would use some of the peanuts I earned working part time at a music shop to go to these production companies telling them I didn’t mind starting at the very bottom at no cost to the company. I was willing to learn, I asked a lot of questions, didn’t mind being corrected, I was always on time, went the extra mile and never ever complained (well, not out loud). I knew what I wanted because I did research on how to get there. It was flipping hard work, still is, but the Promised Land screams louder to me than not having medical aid, not getting paid for overtime or never getting leave days. The 20 hour days, the angry directors and presenters who never pitch for shoots make the thought and pursuit of success worth it.

Do I think I’ve made it in life? No way, I’m still right at bottom of the food chain but my mindset is in heavenly places. So really, taking a taxi to get to a meeting or sending Please Call Me’s or going to internet café’s in Hillbrow to e-mail articles for Kasi Times in order to push my passion… were all just steps towards a far greater dream than my present reality… Let’s do it in the name of being more than what we are today!

Poppy Pops Vilakazi

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Book Review – Eyebags and Dimples by Bonnie Henna

Book review- Eyebags and dimples by Bonnie Henna

I’ve always misunderstood Bonnie Mbuli now known as Bonnie Henna. I found what the media said about her attitude and coldness true in the way in which she carried herself on TV during interviews and newspaper articles. She just somehow always seemed mean and angry at life and anyone in it. Even though I thought she was so beautiful and successful, I could not think why on earth one would walk around sour faced and angry while the world ate from the palm of her equally beautiful hands.  From her presenting days alongside Glen Lewis in Technics heart of the beat, to her acting career in films like Catch a fire, Drum and Gaz’lam she came across as an ungrateful celebrity who simply had it all going for her but refused to see it. I read her book Eyebags and dimples, which like the title says describes the joys and sadness that life has given her. It gave me so much perspective on the misunderstood beauty in that she reveals her struggle with the media, her love for God, her abusive childhood, her journey through motherhood, living and struggling in the United States and her love for film and TV in Mzansi. It’s an intimate writing on the battle she continues to have as a black actress in this country, her fight with depression and the love story with her husband Tsha Tsha actor Sisanda Henna.


The book taught me a lot on how suffering from depression while being black at the same time is taboo. I learned just how and what being a celebrity in Mzansi is like which was such an eye opener to the fans. Simply put, the book is her truth and I found some of the things she said very sincere while others were simply brave and straight up daring. She is not slow to name drop those who did her wrong but also acknowledges and thanks each and everyone of those individuals who helped get her where he is. It’s worth the read.

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Kasi Times, 2012 and beyond!

Kasi times, 2012 and beyond!

The Kasi Times publication has come from what started of as a brave and daring career move by the founding editor Nonhlanhla “Nonie” Nxumalo who decided that the pursuit of both success and happiness by far outweighed comfort and stability. The brand has since stood for exactly that and more. It has become a publication that represents and celebrates young black youth who are willing to chase their dreams while inspiring, motivating and empowering those around them. The brand aims at leaving a legacy which is not defined by the state of the economy, not shaken by politics and is unmoved by restrictions.

Kasi times is instead firmly rooted in showcasing the trail blazers of our time, musical geniuses of our generation, writers, poets, business men and women and so forth while educating and uplifting it’s readers at the same time. It seeks to fuse the township lifestyle and up market vibe into one opinion piece, feature, review or diary entry.

Kasi times will continue to push forward the young gifted and taking over, giving you inspiring stories of hope and hustle while also keeping you updated on the latest trends, gadgets, books, shows and films. My message to amajita nabo baby in the hood, burbs or the bhundu’s is to keep chasing your dreams because you might just catch them. Let’s have a toast to 2012 and beyond!

Poppy Pops Vilakazi

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Muvic closet shoe sensation

Muvic closet shoes are the latest sensation on everyone’s feet.If you’re one of those women who live on top of the world then I suggest you do so in style with a pair of these gorgeous shoes. If you’re a peep toe kind of girl, a wedge sister like me, or simply love yourself a pair of 16 inches then this footwear is just what you wanna be rocking this December. If you’re into colour blocking, wanna keep it simple, wanna stop traffic while looking elegant then this range has exactly what you are looking for. Young Limpopo born business woman Muriel Akpabio initially began her business as a boot-boutique and has since gone on to own her own store with customers flocking in and stepping out in glitz and glam ready for the festive season. For the Diva’s, plane Jane’s and elegant  women contact Muriel for a shoe that best fits who you are.

Muvic closet prides itself with only the best,luxurious,high quality,beautiful designer shoes. You can now afford to wear comfort and still look hot and stylish while doing so. Woza December and the swag that comes with it!

Email: Muriel@muvic.co.za or info@muvic.co.za or simply holla at 0733840580


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Book Review: Alone in a shower

alone in the shower(1)Book Review-Alone in a shower by KC Dinoke

The title of the book got my attention and I was eager to find out what local radio stations were going on about when they reviewed it. I was a bit skeptical to read it in that the author was a young man writing about what he does when he is alone in a shower..It seriously left much to be desired, but when I first started reading the preface of the book I knew it was nothing like I had imagined it might turn out to be (Thank God!) Instead it seemed more like a feel good, positivity motivational what what type of book. I thought it would be filled with big words going on and on about how beautiful the sky and the birds are, about how we need to look for the rainbow even when it’s raining outside. It seemed to be one of those unrealistically positive books preaching just how capable we all are if “we just believe”. I rolled my eyes at the thought of reading it and when I did finally go past my single minded perceptions on the book and actually got down to reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

“Days conceived weeks, weeks gave birth to months but when I checked the belly of my pockets, emptiness was echoing insults to me. My beard was growing at lightning speed in spite of me trying to shave daily so that I can keep myself looking younger to deceive the world into thinking that I was still a child who needed to be taken care of. I didn’t want to be recognized and classified as a grown up in fear of the responsibilities and expectations that come along with being an adult”. Chapter 1 pg 16-Alone in a shower.

Alone in a shower is actually a very sincere, honest and inspiring collection of a young man’s thoughts, poems and positive energy in a time of murkiness. It’s a memoir of a man’s struggles and triumphs at success in a time of scarcity, lack and negativity. It’s a realistic hard hitting book on just how powerful your perception on life and yourself can be. The book is about being able to separate and know the difference between happiness and complete depression and how you own the key towards a path of happy living. The author refers to the “shower” as the space that one goes to in order to truly reflect on who you are and what your purpose is, he defines it as a place of comfort and self discovery in a spiritual and emotional way. It’s a mental space you tap into with the hope of charging yourself up and deciding to live your life whether happy or not.

“I wanted to be able to provide food for myself, to provide clothes for myself, to go out and have fun as much as I wanted to without being concerned about the cost, to be able to have a roof over my head that I was able to maintain, to be able to have control of my life and not living on someone else’s mercy, I wanted to realize my dreams”. Chapter 1 pg 18-Alone in shower. The book is based on the life of the author who is not shy in mentioning in detail the realities of how unemployment, depression and loneliness affected who he was as a man, citizen and child of God.

I love that the writer didn’t sit on a high chair and preach to me, he spoke to me in a way that didn’t deny the fact that life can indeed suck but it also told me that in spite of life sucking I can still come out a successful person in that “I am a pioneer”.
“It is so wonderful for me to face every adventure knowing that I am a champion even before the game starts. But I will never take anything for granted and let my over-sized ego prevent me from preparing myself and improving my skill for the fight”. Chapter 8 pg 93-Alone in a shower
The book reminds me a lot of what the Kasi times brand strives to achieve from its youth. It, in every sense represents Kasi times’ motto which is to “Inspire, motivate and empower SA’s youth”.
Would I read it again? Hell yes!
Would I recommend it to a friend? Of course yes!

To get a copy of the book email dinokebros@yahoo.com or call 084 200 5469

Poppy Pops Vilakazi

Alone in a shower

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