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Hip Hop is Dead!


The genre must be renamed to honour the true Hip Hop of yesteryear. Every now and again there is an artist that emerges and the whole Hip Hop world expects him to be the one to stay true to hip hop. But, soon after, the commercial tendencies creep in and again we are left hungry for true hip hop!

The Hip Hop world as we know it today is but a shadow of what the pioneers of Hip Hop had envisioned! Today, money, cars and women are depthless topics so-called “artists” are interested in writing about! I won’t even address auto-tune. It makes me mad! Fashion and Hip Hop was always something to be admired. That too is dead! Mainstream fashion has crept into Hip Hop… Skinny jeans? Really? And they come is all sorts of shiny colours!

I suppose the evolution of Hip Hop has led to what we hear and unfortunately see in the world of music today!

I have been a Hip Hop fan for a long time. My father introduced me to the beats when I was still a thundercat. It became part of me. Back then, Hip Hop was a movement, a state of conscious thinking, a way to express feelings without resorting to violence. Remember the days of NWA? The Sugarhill Gang dropped Rappers Delight, tongue-twisting and lyrical genius all on one track! And, L.L Cool J slowed it down and appealed to the ladies.

Don’t get more wrong, there are artist out there making some good music… exciting, catchy music which unfortunately lacks longevity.

I was still wet behind the ears in the early 90’s so I can’t talk about Chuck-D, Big Daddy Kane, or even Doug E. Fresh. My father listened to them almost religiously and those beats stayed with me. I can’t talk about Hip Hop without mentioning Tupac and Biggie; their impact is still felt today, but they’re not relevant to the new school of Hip Hop fans!

“They can remake the songs but they can’t replicate the swag” – Jadakiss said that!

There are many rappers who could have been influential if they’d had the right support behind them: Jadakiss is one of them, and Shine, if he could stay out of prison for long enough. Ludacris has been doing it for a while but hasn’t quite reached his full potential.

South African Hip Hop, which once had an element of individuality, has sadly lost that unique sound which had set them apart from American Hip Hop artists. South African artists need to break away from this trend of following American culture.

Hip Hop is my first Love. Can we ever go back to its realness?

Real Talk never lies!


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  • http://localislekker.tv Siya

    Commercial hip hop has been arnd since Suga Hill Gang….don’t make excuses for the underground artist…they need to step their business sense

  • http://www.thestreetwordiz.wordpress.com MduzaVanGogh

    Dope piece my dude, hip hop in general will neva die! It has grown influenced all of music…all I hear now has some kind of hip hop influence. SA rappers suck because they aren’t setting trends, instead they follow. JR is one guy who went the other way,setting a trend…rapper turned true artist and HHP too. DJ Premier came here and gave us props…we doing something right. We just need to get rid of wannabes. Common says “u tell the real/from how the real interact in the middle of wack”. There’s been a lot of wack in the past 5years…but the future is bright locally & internationally. Lol the fashion aspect is dope…there where skinnies before, but gangsta rap intro’d the baggy pants. If u remember quite well, the Furious 5 had skinnies and curtis blow .etc Hip hop will neva DIE!it lives in Africa!

    • Fisani

      Furious 5 damn my dawg you know your issh.. I hear you though the local content has potential ey especially with AKA and kwesta coming into their own!

      Hip hop wont die but the quality is forever being watered down to a point were its criminal to call it HIP HOP!!

  • sonwill

    Hip-hop evolution
    Hip hop of the 80s was different from the 90s hip hop,so is the 20s.
    I promise you 21s hip hop will change it won’t be the same. Who knows, maybe during that time it won’t die it will bee phased out like r n b.

    South african hip hop.
    To be honest with you,africans don’t appreciate their music,I think we have this stigma that if some thing if from africa it has no value. even
    Our so called hip hop artist have big egos,they don’t recognize other rappers they think they are the only ones who are doing the good hip hop.

    I use to give props to this motswako cats,for their unity n their joint ventures. they came up with the bang,n that was good. but now they messed it up they are working individually,they are not a wear by so doing they are killing what they started. No wander why amunition won the sama n sad thanks for bringing hip hop
    Back home.

    • Fisani

      I hear you boi boi!! But with evolution there has to be respect for the original element! the Motswako Kats were on to something and for a while i really thought it was goin to be a good thing for local hip hop, But they kinda died out as a group and all pushing their own things! With Amu winning the Sama…. (no comment)

  • KaMmY

    Well.. This is the true form of hip hop as we have officially been brainwashed by commercial hip hop. Who are the true hip hop pioneers if they are also cast away by the commercial wave??? Feels good to see my thoughts being enlightened by a great writter…

    • Fisani

      Great writer? thanks ey! as far as Hip Hop is concerned, i suppose commercial hip hop has money and coz kats is hungry they will make music just to eat and who can doubt them!

  • akhona

    Hip hop will always be around, bt it won’t be wat it used to be.
    I jus wish people could show more appreciation for South African hip hop and that some artist be alil original nd not copy the ways of the Americans. Sex, money, drugs nd lavish cars is wat makes hip hop and its our fault that commercial hip hop is where its at 2day.
    With that said! Awesome article!*

    • Fisani

      Because we care about SA hip hop thats what makes up question and critic it! There are a number of good artists that could possible be great and we pray that they live up to expectations, guys like Kwesta, AKA, Kuli chana and JR!!

  • KaMmY

    Referring to wat SomWill Said bout Motswako Cats I beg to differ.. There is a whole lotta cats out there that just ain given the platform to emerge, hey dont get me wrong, am not promoting my hometown but Maftown has alot of talent that aint even recognized. Take Khuli Chana for instance. When tswak Stick’em came out there was a buzz that was there fa a limited time only people expecting him to come out. Then wen Freshe came out, all of a sudden he had the spotlight shining dimly. But when No More Hunga came out and his collabo wid AKA on I Want It All suddenly he was the new cat..

    Then we have rappers like Cassper, KT, Beatjunky and Fifi Cooper. Those have brought Hip Hop to the plate but some wack ass people making fun of the genre and mocking it seem to manage to shine away the true essense of MOTSWAKO. Why do we only realize motswako cats after a huge collabo with a big artist..?

    Back to commercial Hip Hop. We are basically brainwashed into believing that commercial hip hop is the way foreward or the new movement. Well, my insight, i say that we may jump to other orders but just dont forget the roots, 2pac and biggie werent there to play around and make joyful movies, but they were there to commence a movement and start something to be emerged, well some cats/rappers have lost the plot completely

    But hey, Hip Hop is expressed in many artforms for many, JUST DONT FORGET WHERE IT COMES FROM..!!

    And Hip Hop Is Alive In Africa..!!

    • Fisani

      wow KaAmy you raise a valid point ey, South African Hip Hop really needs to Step up its game.. We need some real HIP HOP out here. We need to show love to our own artists though, stop piracy and support events so that they dont have to compromise on quality just to eat!

      Kaamy i love the passion… Real Talk!

  • KaMmY

    haha. Glad u agree Fisani. Was just stating facts hey.! I love hip hop.!

  • refiloe

    no no no no no no non sense G’s
    he/she hu says hip hop is dead,made an opposite of the line+++++
    in order HIP HOP is damn growing wit the speed of the lightning

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