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The Soil

It is quite an irony that an industry that prides itself on creativity is so overwhelmingly predictable. The music industry moves forward at a pace slower than that of soap operas – if you don’t watch an episode for a month, don’t worry about it, you’ll return to find the characters doing exactly what you left them doing… nothing. Likewise, if you don’t listen to the radio for a few months, when you do tune in again you’re guaranteed to hear the same goof goof that you left them playing! I have become quite cynical about it all – to the extent that it’s rare for me to pay attention to press releases that sing the praises of some new “artist.”

I am pleased to report that my cynicism was pleasantly ruffled when I heard about The Soil. No genius, not the brown mucky stuff in the yard. The Soil is a group of three highly talented singers. Ntsika Fana Ngxanga, Luphindo Ngzanga and Buhlebendalo Mda weave their voices together to create a kaleidoscopic tapestry of harmony. The music they create is so saturated with soul; it’s hard to believe that it really is just three human voices. That’s right, no gyrating in skin-tight mini skirts. No DJ. No bling. No frills. Just good old fashioned singing from the soul!

They’ve have named their mellifluous concoction ‘Kasi Soul.’ It features coquettish hints of Jazz, Hip Hop, Afro-Pop and Afro-soul. I do wish they had been a bit more playful with their style. They remind me of Kwela Tebza. That trio also had a risky music style going but they made it palatable to the youth by making sage use of suave styling and clever collaborations. Remember ‘Better Days’ featuring Mxo and Tuks? I humbly submit that it might do The Soil some good to work with artists like Teargas, Prokid (or is it just Pro?), or have a House mix with DJ Cleo or Oskido. Ha ha, I just heard all the puritans gasp for air…

The trio hails from Soweto and naturally they aim to conquer the world. I really do hope that their unique brew of soul soars above the quotidian mass of factory-produced sugary pop out there. But, you know how these things go, chances are these guys will sell out stages the world over but be underrated right here in their backyard – Lucky Dube and Ladysmith Black Mambazo come to mind.

Does acapella music have a place in this drum and base driven music scene? Do songs that don’t feature rappers stand a chance of being played on the youth-driven airwaves. Time will be the judge. Hopefully our parents will support this and keep these artists from starving.

Their album is available at Musica and LooknListen for ONLY R110


The Soil album can also be downloaded from here…


Live Performances:

6 July – Beethoven Room / Grahamstwon Arts Festival [two 45 min shows at 11h00 and again at 19h00]

7 July – Beethoven Room / Grahamstwon Arts Festival [two 45 min shows at 11h00 and again at 21h00]

8 July – Beethoven Room / Grahamstwon Arts Festival [two 45 min shows at 14h00 and again at 20h00]

10 July – Beethoven Room / Grahamstwon Arts Festival [one 45 min show at 14h00]
Check out their Facebook page:

For Booking and Management Enquiries:

Native Rhythms Productions (011) 325 2632 or


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  • nicholett

    Were can we see the soil perform n were can we get there ticket

  • Nonie

    Hello Nicholett, you can reach The Soil through their Facebook page for updates on when they perform:

  • Rhorho

    I was introduced to these guys by a friend of mine about 8 months ago. I am enjoying them big time and I’m disappointed that I couldn’t find their CD in store! One can buy legal downloads from ‘Look & Listen’ anyway. Well done guys! Wish to see you on live performance!

  • Anzasingo

    loooooooooooove the soil, luphindo, ntsika n buhle, cant go a day without listening to ya , i just lav ya guys

  • Nani

    yooooh guys ah  me n ma fwnds loooooooooove loooooooooove u,guys u rock nd wsh ah could hv a guy lyk ntsika damn u cn sing

  • Sethmkhwanazi

    the first one iv heard was the Joy… even now i can get it out of my heart. u d best guys. may God bless u even more.

  • Mrright1

    i want ur album

    • CndoShabalala

      go buy it mr right

  • avuyile dume

    yho bafondini when my ear takes a listen to this harmonious sound i travel to places i’ve never been to before deep into  the roots of my soul .bayandichaza va !…i jst lyk the way they express themselves xabecula it sort of leads me into a place of worship . i am a young poet and would love to share the stage nabo in the near future i jst like them qha, i listen 2 their music when reciting nd writing it stirs inspiration in me…wow,ulutsha with a unique beat .

  • Tonah50

    Yooooh guys. U bless us bathong, I deeply dig ur music looking forward to da next album..mcwaaaaaah lav u guys

  • Www CndoShabalala

    greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat voices

  • nkosinathi mngoma

    I’ve bin told dan I lesten u guys ar gr8 biliv dat. I’m 4rom hammarsade I’m sure u guys gonna pay us a visite @magaba lounge 1day

  • Zoleka Mbi

    i must say u keep me going.



  • oyena smith

    tyo u guys r da best plz…….cum 2 mossei bay….coz ppl hv gone crazy abt u….4rm oyena smith wase mossel bay


    u guyz r da best i listen 2 u n i will forever do so thanx guyz fr such great music i luv u guyz………..luv u lots like jelly tots…..


    guyz u really keep me going i only hv ur songz on ma phone
    luv u lots like jelly tots


    u r talkin da truth i’ve been told i listen 2 borin music bt they don’t knw it is true music

  • Nelly

    How can I get hold of this album here in Germany?? I love the Soil!

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