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A Letter to the Matrics

I know my letter might have come a bit too late as your exams are over and all that is left is that long wait for freedom to come in the newspaper with EVEYONE watching. I want you to know that, you really need to have passed your final year of studies with flying colours, not only for your sake but for the good of the country. I know, I know! It may seem like you have such a huge weight on your shoulders and that you are too young to have such an enormous burden to carry, but quite frankly our country needs you.

We need you to scrape up the little reputation and measly positive image we might still have left from what was the highlight of the decade …the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

If you look back at the glam and glitz the soccer brought us last year, it’s obvious that we really did mess up this year. I mean, we were the best place to be, we have a beach, fancy stadiums, a rich culture and Terry Pheto! It does not get better than that. Now this year, eish we are back to being THAT country. So dear students, pupils, scholars, uniform wearers, mall fillers or whatever the government calls you, you have to have excelled this year and this is why…

The world has this year seen us as the country that produced the fallen ANCYL president Julius Malema, who later turned on the president and openly disrespected anyone and everyone older than him.

Our very own policemen killed an innocent protestor Andries Tatane. We are the people that send young drug mules to Asian countries. We are also the bunch that proudly hire South African people to publicly sing or rather butcher our own national anthem on the world’s stage, twice. We are known as the country that almost (I said almost) won the Rugby World Cup. We are seen as the place where couples who don’t really want to be married to each other come and hire hitmen to do the job (Dewani trial). Our celebrities bleach their skin to look “beautiful”,

Skin Bleachingpoliticians beat each other up on international TV, and our youth have taken up a trend of smoking Anti-Retro Viral drugs to get high! Seriously? Let’s not even get into the Jackie Selebi saga!

I hope someone hears my plea. Urgent and major damage control is needed here, and you are the only hope we have of sealing off this rubbish bin of a year with a pretty ribbon. I am so sorry if I am coming across as insensitive but this is the sound of desperation here. Please pass well so that at least I know you guys make us seem like there will be a glimmer of hope and success for 2012. I do not condone stealing Matric exam papers or copying from each other, but I do hope you studied hard to lift the SA flag higher and taken one for the team.


Poppy Pops Vilakazi




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Twitter: @popsvila I am Poppy “Pops” Vilakazi, a 24 year old black and proud woman. I am shaped and defined but not limited to the ghetto lifestyle, culture and lingo. A Yahweh chaser by faith, a production manager by profession and a Kasi Times Editor by passion. Inspired by writers like Alan Paton, Fred Khumalo, Mongane Wally Serote, JM Coetzee, Ndumiso Ngcobo, Chinua Achebe, Karen Kingsbury and of course Zakes Mda. I only hope that through this publication you see that we are more than a stack of magazines put together and more than just words on a computer screen. May you see in us all that we’ve geared up and set out to do for you. I hope and pray that through my God given gifts and skills I am able to live up to our KasiTimes vision to “Empower, Motivate and Inspire” you to do and be more. Follow me as @popsvila on Twitter, Poppy “Pops” Vilakazi on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn, and let me bless you with “A Piece Of my Mind” on my blog at www.popsvila.blogspot.com Blessings, Poppy “Pops” Vilakazi

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  • http://www.kasitimes.co.za P.Mash

    what I timeline ! It’s been a crazy year 4 our country…I still can’t get over that Andreas Tatane issue, everytime his name is brought up those images I saw on TV comes thru my mind again.

    But in the midst of all dis….we need 2 go foward, Dear Matrics…lets elevate our country 2 another level..a better one..we need you..

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