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Ambitious DIVA!

Natasja Madinda

My close friend Didi and I share a common character – we are highly ambitious women. It’s the one thing that puts us on a natural high. We’re both awake at 5am in the morning with the need to feed this ambition. It’s actually insane. It makes me wonder if the Bill Gates, Motsepes and Oprahs of this world also felt and went through the same torment whilst driven by this ambition. We get highly annoyed when we come across people that lack this same hunger. It’s ingrained in the framework of all humans! How can it not exist in every one of us? Maybe it does exist in all of us, but it is not exercised. There are many people in South Africa who are presented with great opportunities but they disregard them because they are happy to remain in a state of life called the “comfort zone.” Why would you want to perform at your average when you were designed and crafted to be so much more?

Ambition is good, in fact it is great. It is a purpose, hope, a desire, and is a God-given ability to exercise your true life purpose. It all starts as a dream. You see, there is a difference between someone who has big dreams and someone who dreams big. This dream develops and feeds into an ambition which needs to be exercised by trial and tribulation, by inspiration and perspiration, by faith and hope for triumph. You have to use your experiences to feed your ambition; also use it as a tool to assist those around you seeking it.

Ambition has its downside. It can exasperate you and make you want to scream! It’s often the cause of many sleepless nights. At times you’ll break out in tears not knowing why. It will feel like you’re the only person on a mission to succeed and everyone else is standing in your way. Ambition can cause a lot of people to despise you, want you to fail and intentionally make things difficult for you. We live in a country where people don’t want to be left behind and when you are excelling, it becomes a problem for the same people that were cheering you on in the beginning. They say people will criticize and stone you when you are doing good things, BUT do ‘good’ anyway.

Here’s the thing… regardless of the situation, you have to keep your chin up and persevere. No one said it was going to be easy. At times you will feel so close to your dream but yet so far from it too. You’ll know you are close when there are people who are set on making you fail because they’re stuck in their comfort zones. The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the lonelier it gets. I was once part of a large group of “close friends.” I never thought the same friends would be at the very head of my downfall. You will also learn that not everyone will be happy about your success. It’s the way of life, it shouldn’t be – but it is.

This is why Didi and I are still very close friends. I believe in friends who climb up the ladder with you and pull you up when you get tired and challenged by the next step. It’s proven to be better to have a few great friends who add value to your life and are passionate about the same thing, rather than to have a group of them that only values you when you play according to their ‘average’ – not only stuck in your comfort zone but stuck in theirs too.

Now that’s just a pity!

Written by an ambitiousDIVA!
Natasja Madinda

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  • Thembile

    Brilliant Article my sista .. Thats the only way to make it big , its hard work all the way … Keep up the good work ….

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Thanks Thembile, am glad you enjoyed the article. I see my DIVAness also rubs off on the males. Great stuff. Hope you are inspired. Love ya! *giggles*

  • Thembile

    Briliant article my sista , thats the only wa to make it big hard work all the way …. The are short cuts in life … Keep up the good work ….

  • Nwabisa

    Wow this is beautiful, it is definetely a wake up call. Thanks…

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Glad to have given you the “slap” in the right direction lady!

  • Azile

    This is very inspirational…You can never gain anything from sleeping…Way to go…

  • mthu

    wow i’m just stunned.

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Watch this space! I want everyone to challenge themselves to EXCELLENCE!

  • Aphelele

    You’re just Fab!

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Thanks Aphi!

  • Tasj DIVA Madinda

    Hello Natasja

    This is just to give u mad props for ur article….to the point, honest, interesting and just a fantastic read lady.

    Warm regards
    Mondo B. Kowa (Finance Dept)

  • Natasha

    ‘Why would you want to perform at your average when you were designed and crafted to be so much more?’ – That is so true- this article was on point .

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Hi Natasha,

      Wow! That is exactly what I am talking about. There is absolutely no room in this world and lifetime for complacency and for us to accept mediocrity. It is up to women like you and me to keep pushing the boundaries and accept nothing below EXCELLENCE! Am glad you feel the same way.

  • Landon Ntunja

    Damn straight … thanks Tasj!

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Thanks hun.

  • Jo-Anne

    I love reading your work . It is always truth and exciting.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Thanks Jowzzzeeee! You know I get inspiration from everyone – even you lady thang!

  • http://yahoo Xoba

    Well written and straight to the point lady.

    It is a pity only a few people are aware of their potential and actually use it. And when they are aware of their natural given talent they look for appraisals,pats on the back or validation for a human less talented then they are to give them a sign of success.

    Anyway I am glad to see you dont fall into that category! Keep up the good work.

  • Tasj DIVA Madinda

    Wassup X my lady! Better late than never. I say let’s keep reminding people about their true purpose on this earth and what they can still be.

    Keep it hustling hustler!

    Work it! Rock it! Own it! DIVAstyle!

  • Sis Linda

    Hey Tasj Gal, you are really something and I’m so proud of you! Represent – Kasi Gal!

    • Tasj DIVA Madinda

      Thanks Sis Linda. I guess I learnt from the best!

  • Khadhrikhan

    You have said it all girl. Keep on inspiring us.

    An Ambitious DIVA

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