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MiCasa’s Mo-T says his bit

With being nominated for multiple awards at the 18th annual South African Music Awards, and also being scheduled to perform at the very same event, it’s expected for them to have a hectic schedule around this time. But nevertheless, I got the opportunity to have a telephonic chat with one third of the sensational trio. Here’s what Mo-T, MiCasa’s trumpet player, had to share:

KT: I know you’ve probably been asked this a million times before, but please tell us how you guys got together?
Mo-T: Well, we were all scheduled to play at a hotel in Sandton. At that time I didn’t even know who Dr. Duda was. When the time to perform came, we were just randomly put together, and that’s where it all started. After that, we just started making music together.

KT: Was it a childhood dream or just a random moment in your life that saw you taking the music route?
Oh it’s been a childhood dream! I come from a musical family. My father used to play for Mango Groove. So, since I was about five years old, I would just watch my dad play and perform. I was taken away by the experiences and as I grew up, I decided I’d also do music.

KT: Entering into a very well-dipped genre of music in SA, what was the biggest challenge you faced?
Our biggest challenge was not being taken seriously by the industry. However, we really believed in our music and still carried on. In this industry, good musicians don’t have a platform or they’re not taken seriously because their different.

KT: What kind of House music do you guys produce and what’s the biggest influence behind your fresh and different sound?

Mo-T: Our music is Soulful House. We all have different aspects that inspire us, from a bit of gospel, to a jazz background, and the soul brought by J-something. We all bring different elements that we add to the sound, and we also inspire each other.

KT: How has the success of your debut album influenced your individual and personal lives?
The negative impact of it is not being able to spend quality time with family. We often travel, so we’re always on the move. On the other hand it’s been a great experience. We’ve had wonderful opportunities to share the stage with many big and amazing artists.

KT: How long did you anticipate that it would take for you to reach this level of success in your careers?
We actually didn’t even expect the album to drop when it did. We thought we’d release it sometime in 2012, but there were other people who believed in it and pushed it to happen sooner. We were not shocked by it, but we didn’t expect all the hype around it so soon. We just believed in the music we were doing as I said earlier.

KT: Being up for such big accolades, what does that do to boost a new musician’s self-esteem?
We are really looking forward to the awards and the performances, and we also hope to win all of them. The people have truly shown their support for our music and we know that the country is looking on; we don’t want to disappoint them.

Which experience have you found to be the exciting or perhaps life changing?
It was when we got to open for Drake. That was the best thing ever! It was an amazing experience; it was a great show. MiCasa isn’t only made up of the three of us, we also have an entire band that backs us up and we got to perform with the whole MiCasa team. That was it for me!

KT: Which milestone are you hoping to hit next in your careers or what can we expect from MiCasa?
We want to make our music go bigger than this. We want to take MiCasa to the whole of Africa and to the rest of the world. We’d like to perform with the musical greats, and with all the people we look up to, not only in House music, but all our musical influences and legends.

KT: Sadly my airtime cut and we were unable to take our conversation any further. I don’t believe in coincidences nor do I believe in fate, but call it what you want, South Africa and soon the world too, has been hit by an amazing and totally unexpected trio of excellence: a gospel-inspired DJ, a trumpeter with a jazz background, and a dancing vocalist.

Enjoy and support MiCasa through their first SAMA journey and beyond. God knows we need more good music in this country.

- By Gugulethu Leeto

Twitter: @GuSquared


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