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The YFM 2012 Line-up

SA’s biggest youth radio station, 99.2 YFM, introduces the future of SA DJ culture with the announcement of their 2012 line-up… and it’s nothing short of a TKO…

Having paved the way for young authentic talent over the years, YFM is raising the bar again with its selection of young talent spearheading the new school revolution. Leading the pack is popular stalwart and heavyweight, Tholi B, who is taking over the afternoon drive time show.

In a bold and bullish move, the station follows up on its commitment to placing young talent in primetime spots. Former UJ FM campus radio DJ, Bryce ‘AnkleTap’ Clarke, will now host ‘The Tap Mansion’ from 12-3pm. This new show marks another historical milestone, as ‘Ankletap’ becomes the first white DJ in a primetime slot, since the inception of the station. The witty Mo Flava remains in his ever popular breakfast show.

Leading the new young blood crew is former Voice of Wits DJ, and one of SA’s most recognizable faces from his days as a YoTV presenter, the funky fresh cool kid Musa Mthombeni.  Also joining the team is the sassy and spunky actress Thando Thabethe, famed for her role in SABC1’s ‘My Perfect Family’. This fiery young talent, like Musa, also gained valuable radio training during her time spent at campus radio UJ FM.

“YFM has always groomed young talent, giving them a commercial platform in the industry. Our new line-up offers some of the hottest and best young DJs in the game today” says YFM Programming manager Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng.

Another new and very exciting development that hit the YFM airwaves on April 02, is a new music mix format – YTKO. YTKO promises to deliver a lively party atmosphere, turning any dull weekday at the office, into a weekend session at the club. This new daily mix feature, packed with good pure music is geared up and ready to introduce a new era in South African DJ culture.

“This is a true coming of age story as a brand. YFM has come full circle, and with the introduction of YTKO the texture of live mixes on radio will be transformed and perfected. YFM ignites your passion and sets your soul on fire, whatever space the listener is in, we aim to MAKE THEM MOVE!” said Monaheng.

Carrying weight in each of their respective musical genres and finely selected from the underground scene, YFM welcomes a new cutting edge mix DJ team with DJ Shimza, dynamic Miss Cosmo, Just Mo, Jose Chave and Zan-D Read the full story

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Strongbow DJ competition: You should have been there!


You should have been there!

Strongbow definitely knows how to throw parties! On Saturday the 25th of February they rocked the East Rand at Bahama Bar, and on Sunday the 26th of February the Strongbow DJ competition was held at Masakeng in Soweto. Kasi Times attended the Masakeng event to witness DJ Jab Juice and DJ Skillz battle it out to be crowned Strongbow DJ Megastar.  

Sowetans were treated to good music from DJ Rhyno, DJ Ganyani and Zahara, who got the crowd singing along to her ‘moving’ songs. The music catered for different age groups – young adults (over 18), and the older generation (bekuguga othandayo).

Round One

DJ Jab Juice and DJ Skills took to the stage between the acts. First up was DJ Jab Juice, whose impressive mixing skills and good track selection got the crowd dancing. The nervous pint-sized DJ Skills then went behind the decks. His track selection connected with the crowd. He played soulful house, tribal house and everything in between.

DJ Jab Juice and DJ Skills

After the first round, DJ Skills looked like the crowd’s favourite; the fans loved him, especially the ladies. Tholi B, from YFM, was the host and had to make sure that the crowd based their votes on the right reasons, like mixing ability, track selection and the interaction between the DJ and the crowd.

Round Two

The second round then took place and it became quite obvious who was going to walk away with the title. Indeed, DJ Skills was crowned the Strongbow DJ Megastar.

All in all, much respect to Strongbow, YFM and everyone else for this initiative. It was a great platform for DJs to get their names out there, and for the fans to have fun.

 -Vusi Khoza

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The Strongbow DJ Competition is coming to your doorstep


Strongbow is excited about bringing you the hottest parties while  proudly playing a role in unearthing and showcasing SA’s DJ talent.

After a couple of months of DJs battling it out on radio and the listeners voting for their favourite, the stage has been set for the 6 finalists to battle it out head on at one of three Strongbow Do You Know events that will be taking place in Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria, for a chance to be crowned the ultimate Strongbow DJ. The ultimate winner is selected by the crowd at each event. The winners walk away with the street cred of having played alongside some of SA’s own DJ heavy weights, as well as R 5000 in cash.

Come witness a star DJ being born in your own “Kasi.”

East Rand  

Date: Saturday, 25th February
Venue: Bahama, 10632 Kwaswane Street, Kwa Thema
Main Act: Fistaz Mixwell
Time: 17:00 to 22:00


Date: Sunday, 26th February 12
Venue: Masakeng 649 Kinini Street, Mofolo Central opposite Mofolo Park
Main Act: Zahara
Time: 17:00 to 22:00

Mamelodi West

Date: Saturday 3rd March
Venue: The Village, 3773 Mamelodi, Sibande Avenue
Main Act: DJ Cleo
Time: 17:00 to 22:00

To join Kasi Times at the party and be in the know with Strongbow, you have to be 18 years or older. Go to www.facebook.com/strongbowsa, like their page and find out how to get a ticket or dial *120* 423# (cost: 20c for 20 seconds) and follow the prompts.


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Q&A with DJ Fanatic

Sitting in during his rehearsal for AKA’s birthday celebration at Hush Bar and Lounge in Rosebank, Kasi Times caught up with DJ Fanatic, whose real name is Thabiso Maphutse. DJ Fanatic is in his absolute element behind the decks and is fast becoming one of the best Hip Hop DJs in South Africa. Being the backing DJ of one of South Africa’s revolutionary rappers, AKA, he sure does have a lot of weight on his shoulders.

We squeezed in a few minutes from his crazy schedule, albeit with several interruptions, but once the dust settled and we finally got to our interview, we discovered a down to earth and very humble guy. Here are a few things we found out about him:

Q: What’s your fondest childhood memory or earliest connection with music?
A: I don’t remember much about my childhood pre-high school but what I do remember is being in the school choir.

Q: When did you decide that music would be the path you’d follow?
A: I didn’t really decide; I don’t even know when I started deejaying. I just saw myself spinning discs and because I really enjoyed it, I kept at it.

Q: Why did you choose to be a Hip Hop DJ?
A: I started out as a House DJ but it felt monotonous. Many people might not know this, but Hip Hop music has more beats and instruments. I saw it as a better challenge and that’s why I chose it.

Q: When was your break into the industry?
I was signed by ShowLove in 2010.

Q: How did you become AKA’s DJ?
A: AKA recognised my skill. My manager, Tibz, approached me and told me that AKA was looking for a DJ. That’s how it started.

Q: What’s the best thing about your job?
A: Travelling and seeing beautiful places, but mostly connecting with the fans and getting the love and appreciation from them – and of course there are certain ‘perks’

Q: What is the most important lesson for those in your industry?
A: Don’t be bigger than the industry. Don’t get an ego and think you’re better than everyone just because you’re well-known. Always appreciate the fans because they are the ones that got you here and tomorrow they can also get you out. Most DJs and artists wonder why people don’t clap or appreciate them after their performance, it’s simply because they didn’t respect the people, so people don’t respect them back.

Q: What characteristics should DJs possess?
A: A certain presence when playing in front of a crowd. Good interpersonal skills and humility. They should be accessible and also stay away from all the stereotypes that surrounding DJs.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make a break into the industry:
If you absolutely believe that it’s your calling, follow your dreams with gusto and don’t treat it like just a hobby. For me, it’s my job and it’s part of me and who I am. Also, stay focused and make sure you have a plan. Stay in school; that’s very important, and teach yourself the business side of the industry as it’s not only about the glam and spinning discs.

Q: Who’s your role model? Read the full story

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Getting to Know DJ Groovin

Soul Candi

Soul Candi runs an advanced music school which equips deejays and music enthusiasts with skills and knowledge about the entertainment industry. The school produces many enthusiasts who are making names for themselves within the music industry. Over the next few weeks I’ll be profiling various Soul Candi Institute of Music (SCIM) graduates. First on the list is DJ Groovin:

Who is DJ Groovin?
My birth name is Vincenzo Ladeira and I’m from Alberton. I’m 19 years old, Italian, and I’m a passionate music enthusiast.

How did you join the Soul Candi Institute of Music?
I met Clive Bean, who asked me to come through to Soul Candi after he’d heard me play, which led to me becoming part of the SC Institute of Music. After joining the SCIM I started my first course which I excelled at. I’m proud to gloat that I got full marks for the exam!

What and how do you enjoy playing your sets?
I don’t box myself when it comes to playing as I play commercial, deep and Latin tic music. Music deals with the emotions and motions of an individual and it is perceived as the propeller of life.

Why music as a career option?
My love for music began seven years ago when I started deejaying at family functions and house parties. I had an ear for virtual music and would pick it up easily. When I studied, I couldn’t do it in silence, so I started listening to music; but, instead of studying, I would listen to the music. I also enjoy changing people’s moods through music. Read the full story

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Who’s Going to Don the Song Of The Year Title?

It’s that time of the year again: cars are playing the same songs, artists are fighting for the number one spot on music charts, and everyone wants to have fun. For musicians – it’s the moment of truth. Some of them have spent most of the year in studio cooking up songs, hoping that their work will make it to your playlist or music collection for the summer of 2011.

I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot of singles from artist’s compilations; some singles entice you to want to buy the whole album, while others put you off the artist and their music for good!

Around this time last year, artists like DJ Cleo, Kent, Fisherman, Zakes Bantwini, Liquid Deep, Tumelo and Big Nuz, were fighting for our attention. And, Professor deservedly won over our hearts and sold over gold status with his University of Kalawa compilation.

Is it going to be as obvious as last year’s summer on who’s going to claim the most sought-after Song of the Year title for this year’s summer? I think it’s still too early to tell. With the growing trend of using social media networks to market one’s material I think artists have it easier than the previous years, even though having fans showing you love on social networks doesn’t qualify to sales.

I’ve noticed artists such as DJ Sbu, Culoe De Song, Zahara, Big Nuz and some Soul Candi DJ’s using Read the full story

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Getting To Know Josi Chave

25-year-old Josi Chave is a man on a mission. In a country where every second person wants to be a DJ it takes something really special for someone to rise above the riffraff and be noticed. Josi seems to have found the path that leads right to the top. His secret seems to be to not put all his eggs in one basket. In addition to being a DJ he also owns the record label Blacknoize Records and co-hosts the popular show The Warehouse with fellow Yfm DJs Ankle Tap and Just Mo. Josi explains that “It’s a Dance show for all the born again House heads every Saturday at 3pm.”

Oskido, Black Coffee, DJ Gregory and Dead Mau5 are just some of the DJs that keep him inspired. The trouble began back in 2000 when he was 14 years old. He started playing at House parties. In no time he was doing clubs and corporate events. Fast forward to 2011. This year sees the release of his latest compilation Black Frequency. Die-hard SA music fans will be pleased to know that this compilation is free of international interference. All the tracks are locally produced. Gone are the days when we relied on folks way overseas to get our parties started. It is evident from the first track that Josi’s style has been enriched by an expansive array of musical genres. Should you see Josi cruising along the high way chances are he won’t be bopping his head to a House song. He lists Hip Hop, Kwaito and Reggae as some of his favourite genres.

Josi sheds some light on some challenges and misconceptions that plague DJs; he also gives some advice to all aspiring DJs that could help you avoid some major music industry potholes.

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Music Review: Glenzito House Avenue 6

It’s Deep!

He is arguably one of the greatest DJs in Mzansi and a legend in the House music genre. Over the years, Glen Lewis has built up an impressive body of work as one of the DJs who popularised Mid Tempo House back in the 90s. In his latest House compilation series Glenzito House Avenue 6, Glen takes us through some real Deep and Mellow House tunes featuring tracks and remixes by the likes of Larry Heard (another legend, I love this guy), ATJAZZ and C9INE. If, like me, you’re a fan of some great Vocal House tunes, you’ll be pleased that this compilation features some great vocals interspersed with smooth lyrics. Also included are tracks like “Life is So Strange” by Akabu, and my favourite song “Everyday” by The Pimp, which has a hook by Marvin Gaye’s song “Your Precious Love.”  Glenzito House Avenue 6 is a great compilation album, great to chill with or to enjoy in moments of quite reflection alone.

Rating:  5/5

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