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Dineo Ranaka’s new show – Dineo’s Diary’s: A mogul in the making

Dineo Ranaka wasn’t joking when she wrote, “Invest in me today and avoid the rush tomorrow –  R.A.D.I.O – Realize Accept Dineo Is Outstanding! The devil himself fears me!” Dineo will star in her own new reality TV show on the vibrant youth channel Vuzu.

Titled Dineo’s Diary: A Mogul in the Making, the show follows Dineo Ranaka as she balances motherhood, family and her career while taking viewers through the highs and lows of her life as she pursues her dream to become a mogul.

“With the positive reaction to Forever Young being based on the hard work, failures and successes of three young men, we felt it was time to showcase the life of a strong outspoken female in the industry working hard to build her empire,” says Solly Moeng, Acting Head Of Youth Channels.

Ranaka could not contain her excitement about the show, “I want to use myself as a case study for a lot of young entrepreneurs. You read about people like Patrice Motsepe but few know how he got to where he is. So here I am. Watch me do it. It won’t be easy. I have stumbled but I will always dust myself off as I embark on my journey to build my empire,” says Dineo Ranaka.

Ranaka is not just the star of the show but is also the Executive Producer. “It’s exciting entering the world of television from radio. I am confident about this production as I am working with a solid team. Vuzu is trendy and fashion forward and are the leaders in reality TV,” she adds.

Now that explains all those Dineo’s Diary hashtags on  her Twitter timeline!

- By Innocent Ndlovu

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Drinks with Tibz

Tebello Matsoane

For someone whose life revolves around the party scene, I did not expect to meet an intellectual and highly eloquent gentleman who enjoys reading in his spare time. Tebello Motsaone, also known as Tibz, is the owner of Show Love, which specialises in event management and brand activations. Their client portfolio includes MTVBase and Brutal Fruit. Show Love Music manages a number of Hip Hop DJs and multi-award winning rapper AKA. Tebello also co-owns the successful clothing brand, Head Honcho, with friend and business partner Nick Kaoma. We sat down for drinks and this is what he had to say about his life:

KT: How did you get into hosting events?
Tibz: I started planning my own birthday parties and people kept requesting for more. While working with a friend’s company that planned my 21st  birthday party, I suggested using hip hop alone for music and they insisted it wouldn’t work. So, I went solo and that’s how Show Love got started.

KT: How did your association with AKA begin?
Tibz: AKA was with Kamza, a close friend of mine and another guy in the Ivy League, and as I was setting up my website, Kamza hooked me up with his music. Around the same time Nick and I were starting Head Honcho and we needed people to wear it and we got them to do that and we did a lot of collaboration t-shirts with them.

KT: When and how did you start managing him?
Tibz: As we were working together, we grew incredibly close and he became like my little brother. I started advising him on what I thought was missing in his music career. As time passed, he asked me to manage him. Show Love Music started because of AKA and he remains my one and only artist.

KT: Are you looking to manage more artists in the future?
Tibz: With AKA I never thought I’d be in the music industry but it just happened. I prefer working with one artist, client or DJ at a time so that I can give them my full attention.

KT: What are the challenges you’ve faced in establishing and growing your business?
None of my businesses were started with any capital. I literally had to throw a party so I could throw another one and another one thereafter. We did that so Nick and I could get the clothes manufactured and marketed ourselves through posters. It was hard but it brought a lot of lessons with it too. Being so busy in my everyday (professional) life has subsequently put a strain on my personal relationships.

KT: What is the biggest influence in your industry? Read the full story

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Year of the Blogger

Pic taken By @LeboLukeWarm on Signal Hill in Cape Town in December 2011 with @NeemaNouse as the model

In an age where newspapers, magazines and television programs are finding homes on the web, it seems like blogs have finally taken over, giving us the latest news, updating us on fashion trends, source of entertainment, and giving us the insight into the world of technology and art. Blogging has become a part of youth culture – it’s how we connect and engage with each other. Here are my 10 favourite blogs:


One of the only international blogs I’m into. This blog has it all; from classic pictures to beautiful art, to controversial pictures and those that make you fall in love with Hip Hop all over again. It’s mainly picture-focused, so if you’re into visually-appealing blogs, you have to check this one out. This blog is definitely for the fellas.



A blog done by @_toolz_. This local publicist is sophisticated. In his blog he has everything from music to fashion, to videos and art. This blog is clean and very neatly put together and features content from South Africa as well as international news. Check it out and let me know.



Blog of international superstar DJ Funkmaster Flex, a truly Hip Hop-inspired blog featuring women, sneakers, cars, music, videos and all the things you would be into if you are a Hip Hop head. This blog is a must-see, check it out and you’ll never be behind on Hip Hop news.



You get to see life through the eyes of an architect and socialite who loves Hip Hop and fashion – a very visual blog she also posts up pics of herself often and helps a lot that she is good looking I would say this blog is mostly for ladies.



This blog belongs to a close friend of mine, Azola … a Hip Hop princess. She’s a really interesting person and this blog gives us an insight into who she is and what her interests are.



I had to add my blog here. It’s a simple blog about who I am and the things I’m into, made for the people who support me to be able to keep up with what’s going on in my life – definitely not for the faint-hearted!


From Larry Nhlane's blog 'Life of Ngitis'


This blog is one of the best tumblr accounts I’ve ever seen! It truly leaves me speechless… I can’t even describe it, just check it out.



A youth-focused blog focusing on South African youth and the things we are into, from social events to celebrity interviews to the latest fashion trends.



A blog about everything! I’ve done a few interviews with them and they’re always the first to release exclusive information, thus keeping them very relevant.



The ultimate blog for Mzansi celebrity news, Just Curious always has the latest scoop, and the comments on their articles are quite entertaining!


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Getting to Know DJ Groovin

Soul Candi

Soul Candi runs an advanced music school which equips deejays and music enthusiasts with skills and knowledge about the entertainment industry. The school produces many enthusiasts who are making names for themselves within the music industry. Over the next few weeks I’ll be profiling various Soul Candi Institute of Music (SCIM) graduates. First on the list is DJ Groovin:

Who is DJ Groovin?
My birth name is Vincenzo Ladeira and I’m from Alberton. I’m 19 years old, Italian, and I’m a passionate music enthusiast.

How did you join the Soul Candi Institute of Music?
I met Clive Bean, who asked me to come through to Soul Candi after he’d heard me play, which led to me becoming part of the SC Institute of Music. After joining the SCIM I started my first course which I excelled at. I’m proud to gloat that I got full marks for the exam!

What and how do you enjoy playing your sets?
I don’t box myself when it comes to playing as I play commercial, deep and Latin tic music. Music deals with the emotions and motions of an individual and it is perceived as the propeller of life.

Why music as a career option?
My love for music began seven years ago when I started deejaying at family functions and house parties. I had an ear for virtual music and would pick it up easily. When I studied, I couldn’t do it in silence, so I started listening to music; but, instead of studying, I would listen to the music. I also enjoy changing people’s moods through music. Read the full story

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Running with the Reps 2 Rumours #RWTR

The Repetoires at the Kasi Times photo shoot

The Repertoires at the Kasi Times photo shoot in March 2011, at Pule's Shisa Nyama in Daveyton

Rumours are that the Repertoires will be back on our screens in March next year. A source close to the crew said that the Reps will start shooting this December. Season one of their reality TV show, Running with the Reps, is currently flighting as the s.e.c.o.n.d re-run, and much to many people’s surprise, they trended on Twitter much like they did when the show first aired.

In the second season it seems that Ellipses, one of season one’s main cast members, will not be returning to the show as he is pursuing his studies outside Joburg. Rumoured to replace him is DJ Capital, one of the Repertoires’ hottest upcoming DJs. Also joining the main cast is TJ – yes, the guy who had ‘beef’ with Nthato. It’s yet to be seen if Nthato will return with a leading role. Larry and the Thundakats, Kea and Thato, were voted the most entertaining Reps, while Senhle (Chama) peaked the interest of the ladies. It’s yet to be seen if they’ll find the Rep Mansion or if there’ll be any more trips to Durban!

One thing’s for sure, this seemingly underestimated show has won a huge loyal following as was proved by it being one of the highest rated shows on VuzuTV this year. These boys know how to entertain and are quickly becoming the best and most popular youth brand in this country! Take notes peeps!

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Music Review: Mi Casa’s Music

Fresh and crisp – that’s the kind of sound that I always look out for when I write my reviews and I’ve got to admit that Mi Casa gave me exactly that, and more than I expected! It’s always refreshing to review a CD that brings something unique to the mix. Mi Casa is Mzansi’s new live House band, with Dr. Duda on the beats, J’Something on vocals and Mo-T on the trumpet. What intrigues me about Mi Casa is how each band member creatively brings in his own distinctive sound to create a soulful blend, with an  element of live music, especially the trumpet.

My highlight on the album La Vida showcases Mo-T adding his personal touch of jazz with his trumpet, while J’Something adds some soulful elemnts with some soulful vocals, engraved with engaging lyrics that touch on issues like love and religion. His vocal abilities amazes me; I love the way he coverd Sade Adu’s hit Smooth Operator. Dr. Duda adds some House flavour  with his production skills, with beats that create an interesting and listenable blend of deep jazzy, yet dancable beats. This is evident in a song like Heavenly Sent. The album has been well-received, with their banging hit These Streets which is blazing on almost all radio stations. This is definately a must have album, and be warned… it will grow on you!

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Morning Glory with Flava!


Pic by Paul Shiakallis


Hot personalities and a cup of coffee make for a little flavour in the morning

By Motheo Khoaripe

Since our last chat with MO Flava, his breakfast team has welcomed new members and a new flavour to Joburg’s top youth radio station. I parted with my blankets at ungodly hours of the morning to try catch up with the peeps that make up the new breakfast menu.

Arriving at the Y studios it’s quite unsettling seeing people highly energised and ready to work at 5am, especially when you are the only one feeling half dead. I make friends with the kettle and coffee supply as the team gathered around new executive producer Kutloano ‘Kuxx’ Nhlapo to finalise the morning’s show. The varying personalities are clear but one thing is common, pure talent and a serious sense of humour.

The 23 year old Daveyton-born producer relayed his story of breaking into regional radio, citing the hardships he experienced juggling a day job and a late show on a campus radio station. He tells of his love/hate relationship with radio that started while he was in high school in Benoni making trips to the Rosebank studios, trying to get exposure to a career path he loved so dearly. It wasn’t all romance and roses, he highlights, recounting the many muggings, dropping out of college and investing his salary in voiceover demos while trying to break the radio fold.

His ability to be patient and his hard work paid off when he pitched a new format and way forward for the show in front of an intimidating Yfm senior staff, after which a contract and an intense shadowing process with then outgoing Executive Producer Tsheko, left him feeling at home with his new challenge. When I inquired about the late nights and early hours he would be having, he simply said the pace and madness that happens comes with the territory, one he thoroughly enjoys. He added that radio’s mental artistry keeps him forever intrigued and the opportunity to express one’s creativity with an energetic listenership makes it all worthwhile for the deep-voiced producer. Read the full story

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