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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg Trend Report #MBFWJ

Avant pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

As you might have gathered in our tweets and fashion pieces, I attended Joburg Fashion Week recently. I was taken to the past, present and future by the designer collections and trends.

There were over 25 designers, all showcasing unique looks inspired by different places, stories and people for this year’s Autumn/Winter. Trends included exaggerated shoulders, colour blocking, clashing prints and patterns, winter coats, Peter-pan shoes and detachable collars, checks, bowties, sequins, turn-up pants, coat dresses, sheer fabrics and interesting cuts. Also, layering – as we saw in Avant’s collection – and faux fur, as we spotted in the David Tlale’s collection, are just some of this year’s winter looks.

Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

White was a popular colour used by designers, while some utilized different shades of earthy tones. Gold, floral prints and bright contrasting tones, not forgetting the shiny shimmery fabrics, were also common.

Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

- Innocent Ndlovu

Follow me on Twitter: @IamInnocent


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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2012: AFI Fastrack

Johannesburg came alive as fashion designers, journalists, photographers, models and makeup artists made their way to the Hyde Park Corner rooftop for the first ever Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg.

Day 1 saw a showcase of South Africa’s design graduates in the AFI Fastrack initiative in partnership with Foschini. The program aims to develop young designers through mentorship and business development coaching. Submissions were taken from graduate collections of participating design institutions nationwide. Twelve finalists were selected to showcase their lines in the finale, competing for a cash prize and an internship at Foschini. This year’s winners were Nkosi Wetive, Shelly Botha, Kim Gush and Kyra Moon. They will also get an opportunity to showcase a capsule collection at Africa Fashion International later in the year.

Pics by Simon Dreiner

Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

The AFI Fastrack trends included the still popular colour blocking trend, layered gowns, and shiny fabrics. There was a unique trend of polka dots matched with bright florals and a gothic/warrior inspired look by Kim Gush. Colours ranged from earthy tones to bright pinks and multi-coloured prints.

Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

Kyra Moon’s Chinese inspired collection was very catchy, while Shelly Botha’s children’s collection was funky.


Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

Pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

- By Innocent Ndlovu

Follow him on Twitter: @IamInnocent

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Fashion News Round-Up: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg

Africa Fashion International's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg

Mercedes Benz has partnered with Africa Fashion International to bring you Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg, which will be followed by two other fashion weeks later in the year. The association between AFI and automaker Mercedes Benz was announced last Thursday at the launch held in Hyde Park.

More than 25 designers will showcase their collections this year. Thula Sindi, David Tlale, Gavin Rajah, Kluk CGDT, C-Squared, Fabiani, Abigail Betz, Black Coal Clothing, Spero Villioti and Thabani Mavundla are just some of the designers set to show their collections. Speaking at the launch Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe said the launch of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg was timely and significant. “Timely because this is our first event of the year and it sets the tone for all the fantastic events we have in plan for this year. I say significant because with this collaboration we are now well-positioned to make Joburg a global fashion city.”

Mercedes Benz took the opportunity to unveil its new C-Class C180 sedan style edition that was specially made for the event.

Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos

In other fashion news. Arise Magazine Fashion week Lagos 2012 will be a huge fashion affair this year that will run for six days from the 6th to the 11th of March in three tents at the 5-star Federal Palace hotel in Lagos. 77 designers from six continents are scheduled to showcase their lines. La Quan Smith, Gavin Rajah, Maki-Oh, Mataano, Madam Wokie’s Couture, Adama Paris, Jewel by Lisa, Jacob Kimmie, Kevan Hall and Virgos Lounge are some of the designers that were chosen to participate. Last year the event hosted 5,000 guests, 51 designers, 81 models and 5 musical acts.

London Fashion Week

A Tribe Called

We have moved on from New York Fashion Week and set our eyes on London Fashion week where several designers hailing from the continent will showcase their designs. Keep an eye on Caroline Charles (Egypt), PPQ (Amy Molyneaux from South Africa), The Tribe Called (Zimbabwe), Nicole Farhi (Algeria), House of Silk (Nigera) and Ozwald Boateng (Ghana) who will all be showcasing their designs.

Ozwald Boateng

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Year of the Blogger

Pic taken By @LeboLukeWarm on Signal Hill in Cape Town in December 2011 with @NeemaNouse as the model

In an age where newspapers, magazines and television programs are finding homes on the web, it seems like blogs have finally taken over, giving us the latest news, updating us on fashion trends, source of entertainment, and giving us the insight into the world of technology and art. Blogging has become a part of youth culture – it’s how we connect and engage with each other. Here are my 10 favourite blogs:


One of the only international blogs I’m into. This blog has it all; from classic pictures to beautiful art, to controversial pictures and those that make you fall in love with Hip Hop all over again. It’s mainly picture-focused, so if you’re into visually-appealing blogs, you have to check this one out. This blog is definitely for the fellas.



A blog done by @_toolz_. This local publicist is sophisticated. In his blog he has everything from music to fashion, to videos and art. This blog is clean and very neatly put together and features content from South Africa as well as international news. Check it out and let me know.



Blog of international superstar DJ Funkmaster Flex, a truly Hip Hop-inspired blog featuring women, sneakers, cars, music, videos and all the things you would be into if you are a Hip Hop head. This blog is a must-see, check it out and you’ll never be behind on Hip Hop news.



You get to see life through the eyes of an architect and socialite who loves Hip Hop and fashion – a very visual blog she also posts up pics of herself often and helps a lot that she is good looking I would say this blog is mostly for ladies.



This blog belongs to a close friend of mine, Azola … a Hip Hop princess. She’s a really interesting person and this blog gives us an insight into who she is and what her interests are.



I had to add my blog here. It’s a simple blog about who I am and the things I’m into, made for the people who support me to be able to keep up with what’s going on in my life – definitely not for the faint-hearted!


From Larry Nhlane's blog 'Life of Ngitis'


This blog is one of the best tumblr accounts I’ve ever seen! It truly leaves me speechless… I can’t even describe it, just check it out.



A youth-focused blog focusing on South African youth and the things we are into, from social events to celebrity interviews to the latest fashion trends.



A blog about everything! I’ve done a few interviews with them and they’re always the first to release exclusive information, thus keeping them very relevant.



The ultimate blog for Mzansi celebrity news, Just Curious always has the latest scoop, and the comments on their articles are quite entertaining!


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Battle of the Red Sole

Luxury brands Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent have been on an endless court battle since last year. According to a suit filed in a federal court in Manhattan, Christian accused YSL of using their red sole trademark as part of their 2011 resort collection. The suit requested that the court prohibit the sale of the shoes and lodged damages that amounted to about $1 million. The red sole was made famous by Christian and is synonymous with his brand.

YSL has since been backed up by eleven professors who teach research and write about trademark law.  The professors filed a brief with the Federal Court of Appeals, saying Louboutin’s claims to protect the use of a single colour “red” in fashion should be rejected to preserve freedom of innovation and competition.

The professors said Christian’s suit argued against the doctrine of “aesthetic functionality” which prevents companies from trademarking any product design feature which is an important ingredient in the commercial success of the product. They went on to say courts should not allow a particular competitor to monopolize any particular fashion submarket.

Christian lost the first time around when a judge ruled: “Because in the fashion industry colour serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition, the court finds that Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red sole brand is entitled to trademark protection, even if it has gained enough public recognition in the market to have acquired secondary meaning.”

Christian didn’t take the ruling lying down as the battle continues.

By Innocent Ndlovu

Twitter: @IamInnocentN

Facebook: Innocent Ndlovu

Blog: studioinn.tumblr.com

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Bunmi Olaye leaves Bunmi Koko

The Nigerian designer who co-founded the fashion label Bunmi Koko

Bunmi Olaye, the other half of the London-based fashion label Bunmi KoKo, has stepped down as Creative Director of the fashion house she started with Francis Udom. The brand has been very successful since its inception in 2009. The Nigerian-born London-based designers were putting Africa on the map, catching the eye of the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama, former spice girl Mel B and Nelson Mandela, to name a few.

Bunmi KoKo has also won several awards including “Emerging designer of the year in 2010” at the Africa Fashion Awards and “Young entrepreneur of the year 2010” and has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Arise. Bunmi Olaye is not quitting fashion but rather pursuing a new vision that’s entirely her own. She was quoted saying, “I have not given up on my dream, however the time has come for me to pursue a vision that is entirely my own.”

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Fashion Q&A with Asanda Sizani

It’s safe to call Asanda Sizani a fashion icon. At just 26, she is the fashion editor of one of the most well-regarded magazines in the world. You can easily spot her on the front row of fashion shows rocking her trademark look, the red lips and the fringe. It’s evident from her work and in the way she dresses that fashion is indeed her calling.

What is the secret to your success?
People measure success in different ways, and for me, I’m nowhere near there yet. I have not yet succeeded, but as cliché as it sounds, and probably is, with more hard work, focus and drive I will get to where I want to be. I was raised by a hard-working mother, and she instilled a strong work ethic in us. She’s my secret weapon. Nothing has been offered to me on a silver platter, I’ve had to work for it. The support of my family, loved ones and of course our readers, keep me motivated to push further and work harder to eventually succeed.

What is it about fashion that you love so much?
Seeing an emerging trend, and observing how various factors influence trends excites me about fashion. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for about nine years, and I’ve seen it all! From being a model behind the scenes, to retail, to TV production and eventually print media. I’ve seen and experienced the power of what fashion has the potential to do – and that is what I love. Whether it’s making a woman feel more confident about who she is after a makeover, or creating fashion content that inspires the next person, it’s powerful.

What/who influences the way you dress?
As much as it is my job to track and edit the trends, that never dictates how I choose to dress. Over the years I’ve adopted an understated and minimalistic approach to dressing. I incorporate on-trend pieces each season with the wear-forever pieces I already own. Sometimes I shop from the fashion shoot, so in a way ELLE influences the way I dress. I admire everyday women and men of elegance and style. Sophistication and sometimes a little swagger is what I’m about – depending on my mood that day. I don’t shop a lot, and when I do, it’s clothes with a little whimsy that I gravitate towards, like my Lanvin polka dot dress suit. I am a Miss Prints of sorts – I always wear clashing print, and love to mix textures. I’ll wear glittery shoes with a homespun crochet dress and metallic jacket with plenty of hardware – why not?

How would you describe your style?
Clean, minimal tailoring with a grown-up vintage twist and an easy swagger.


Read the full story

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2 Minutes with Fashion Designer Keneilwe Mampuru

Keneilwe Mampuru (centre) with models

In 2003, Keneilwe Mampuru started her label, Keneilwe Creations, which is primarily targeted at women who are into new, quirky, but yet sophisticated things. The designs are simplistic classics, feminine, nostalgic Urban-African garments. We sat down with Keneilwe to get an understanding of what motivated her to start her own business:

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background?

My name is Keneilwe Mampuru; I am from Atteridgeville, Pretoria. I went to Pretoria High School for Girls, and then proceeded to a private design college, which was undersigned by the Tshwane University of Technology, where I studied Fashion Design. I am currently studying with the University of South Africa (UNISA). I’ve also received assistance from SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency) in building my business.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I’ve always enjoyed sketching since I was still young. I’d draw a human figure and design some   funky clothing for it. In high school my favourite subject was Art; I thoroughly enjoyed Art History. I’ve always had an artistic streak and absolutely loved a dash of colour in everything I touched. I have 2 sisters and we were known to be “fashionable” so it was only natural that one of us became a designer. We also loved music and looked for trendy ideas from our favourite groups, like TLC and SWV in the 90s.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

From my surroundings, I’m mostly inspired by the African woman. They all have a story to tell, from the sister rocking an afro, to the more sophisticated one with a blonde weave, slender, full-figured… there’s a special element that makes a woman, a woman!


What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

I had quit my job at a well known bank to follow my dream and honour my God-given talent. I’ve always known I’m an entrepreneur at heart and strived to show some of my peers that anything is possible. This year I was approached by TUT to coach the 3rd year students for their Internship programme.

What do you like best about South Africa’s fashion industry?

I like that we have a rich culture and are not at all shy to embrace it. We are highly spirited people and it shows in most of our designers’ work, which gives the SA Fashion industry that unique element. I also like that we are not afraid to express ourselves through colour.

How would you define your personal style?

It’s very comfortable and simple, yet quirky. I’m very reserved so my clothing style resembles that. I have my own style and choose clothing that accentuates my body shape and size. I love accessories and have a fetish for earrings; I like that they can hide those ‘dull days.’

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

To know that fashion is not only about being fashionable and knowing the latest trends. There’s more to it, like merging creativity and professionalism. Education doesn’t have an ending; they should always strive to learn new things, not necessarily related to the Fashion Industry.Reading in itself opens their minds and broadens their perspective. I would also advise them to travel, see how other continents do things. The possibilities are endless.

Keneilwe is based in Attridgeville, Pretoria. Keneilwe Kreations has a page on Facebook and a Twitter account. Her blog (http://keneilwekreations.wordpress.com) informs clients of their latest offering, developments and trends.

Contact details:  Keneilwe Mampuru (Founder & Head Designer)

Email Address: kmampuru@keneilwekreations.com

Telephone number: (012) 373 0572


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Ozwald Boateng’s S/S 2012 Collection

Ozwald Boateng’s S/S 2012 Collection is for the bold man. African inspired, the collection includes safari hats: a celebration of Africa without drifting far from the trends. He plays around with colour blocking, using  colours like green, khaki, brown, yellow, orange, dark brown and a little  black and white.

Sticking to his trademark, he uses a twist on classic British tailoring, bespoke garments. OB also drew some inspiration from the western American as l spotted some models wearing belted satchels similar to those of the colonial era in Africa; the trend is also used a lot in the big screen, in those western movies set in a small town in the outskirts somewhere, with a sheriff. It goes without saying OB added a modern feel to the trend.

Cotton, linen, and washed up suede are the fabrics used in the collection giving it a smart casual, safari, formal but not-too-serious look.
By Innocent Ndlovu
Twitter: @IamInnocentN
Facebook: Innocent Ndlovu


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Thesis Concept Store Spring/Summer Range

Mangaliso Mbitshana and Wandile Zondo are the innovative minds behind Thesis, a creative powerhouse tailored towards a lifestyle theme in the form of a concept store. The brand recently released their Spring/Summer collection made up of t-shirts, jeans, dresses, jackets, hats, bags, skirts, sunglasses and jewelry. The collection is very edgy, funky, playful and colorful, with the use of bright colors like blue, green orange and white. The pair kept it fresh, unique yet comfortable and very wearable:



Check the Thesis Concept Store out on:

173 Machaba Street, Mtetwa Centre, Mofolo Village, Soweto
Tel: (011) 982 1182


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A Brush with Fashion at Africa Fashion Week #AFW

This past weekend I attended Africa Fashion Week and was really impressed with the level of fashion in Africa. Soucha, Thula Sindi, Jacob Kimmie, David Tlale, Madam Wokie, Laquan Smith, Tabo Bacar, Lola Faturoti and Bunmi Koko were some of the designers that showcased their collections to a packed Sandton Convention Centre. Tribal print, animal print, chiffon, colour blocking, lace and the Arabic-Persian-Egyptian look dominated the runway.

Cairo-based fashion designer Soucha’s collection was Egyptian-inspired. The collection was made up of slouchy pants, swimwear pieces, lace, head gear and shawls. He went bold on colour using, greens, yellows and reds. Local designer Thula Sindi got a standing ovation for his collection that consisted of lace, print and chiffon. The outfits were elegant and looked very comfortable to wear.

New York based designer Laquan Smith who is  known for his glamorous futuristic designs did not disappoint, if anything he lived up to his title. His range included skirts, dresses, trousers and tops. There were lace pieces as well, ideal for a night out or red carpet event.

Bunmi Koko’s garments oozed texture and comfort. The collection had evening wear, formal wear and a few gowns perfect for a red carpet event. She completed some of the looks with jewellery: neck pieces and bangles.


The big winners were announced at the highly anticipated Africa Fashion Awards, which concluded the runway show at Africa Fashion Week. Jewel by Lisa won the Designer of the Year –Africa award while celebrated British-born fashion designer & film-maker, Ozwald Boateng was announced Designer of the Year – International in these.

Nigerian designer, Maki Oh, won the Emerging Designer of the Year – Africa award, while New York-based, Ghanain-born Mimi Plange won Emerging Designer of the Year – International. Accessories Designer of the Year went to Sudanese-born Maya Antoun.

Part of the Africa Fashion Week,nomination criteria in the Africa Fashion Awards include designers’ work representing the strong emergence of a global African aesthetic along with potential global reach.

Created by Lisa Folawiyo in 2005, Jewel By Lisa has become famous for perfecting the art of using Nigerian Ankara fabric embellished with sequins, crystals and beads into a coveted on trend label.

The youngest and first black tailor to open a shop on London’s Saville Row, Ozwald Boateng, meanwhile, has reinterpreted the British art of bespoke tailoring with traditional craftsmanship and innovation along with his iconic, contemporary twist, vibrant colours and refined fabrics.

New York-born model, businesswomen and fashion pioneer Bethann Hardison was awarded with the Outstanding Contribution to African Fashion accolade while Model of the Year went to Kenyan supermodel Ajuma Nasanyana.

[SlideDeck id=’3209′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’]

– All designer pics by Simon Deiner

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Model Profile: Alec Wek

Supermodel Alek Wek started her modelling career at age 18 when she was spotted by a model scout in London. Originally from South Sudan, Wek and her family moved to London to escape the civil war in her country. Despite discrimination against dark skinned models Alek has done well for herself.

Amongst other things she has done adverts for Victoria Secret and Clinique and has walked the runway for Viviene Westwood, Fendi, Donna Karan, Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein, Chanel and many more. Wek also designs a range of designer handbags called Wek 1933. In 1997 she was named Model of the Year by MTV and Model of the Decade by i-D in that same year.
Alek’s autobiography was released in 2007. The model-turned-designer and actress has won several awards and has appeared in numerous magazines like German Vogue, i-D, British Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She was one of the first black models to appear on the cover of Elle magazine.

Tall, dark and beautiful, Alek is  a  true inspiration and proof that you can achieve anything if you believe.

By Innocent Ndlovu
Twitter: @IamInnocentN
Facebook: Innocent Ndlovu

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Urban Glamour to showcase at Africa Fashion Week Trade Expo

Local handbag brand Urban Glamour will showcase its exclusive handbag range at this year’s Africa Fashion Trade Expo from the 20th – 23rd of October 2011 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Considered as the highlight of the event by SA Tourism, Urban Glamour is proud to be showcasing its exclusive high fashion and locally manufactured handbags, at this year’s first ever Africa Fashion Trade Expo. The event is organised by Africa Fashion International who will run it parallel to Africa Fashion Week. The Expo is a business-to-business networking and trade platform for the African fashion industry, as well as a consumer sales platform.

Having focused on international markets for the past 3 years, Urban Glamour looks forward to seeing the response of the South African and African market to its locally manufactured handbag range. Since being established in 2008, Urban Glamour has exported its products to USA (New York City), Germany (Munich) and Italy (Milan).

SA Tourism describes Urban Glamour products as “must-have couture handbags.’’ This year’s handbag range has an exquisite combination of colour and texture, heavily influenced by the colour blocking trend yet done in a timeless and classic manner. This handbag range will appeal to women who are daringly elegant and who have an appreciation for quality and exclusivity.

The brand’s objective for the expo is to establish a relationship with local retail and boutique buyers. The brand is also now ready to distribute its products to a local retail chain, who will be an exclusive distributor of the brand.

Here’s a sneak peek into the new Urban Glamour range.

babalwa rasane    babalwa rasane   babalwa rasane

To read more about the vivacious diva behind Urban Glamour, Babalwa Rasane, and the story behind the band,  Click here.




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Q&A with Laduma Ngxokolo

Laduma Ngxokolo is the young talented designer behind the Maxhosa clothing line. His knitwear collection consists of merino wool and kid’s mohair blend knitwear pieces in different styles such as cardigans, waterfall cardigans, v-necks, shawl collar necks, pull-over’s and crew-neck jerseys. Laduma was one of the three South African designers that recently went to showcase their collection at London Fashion Week. I don’t know about you, but he is definitely one of my three favorite designers at the moment. I get to know the humble designer a little better with a series of emails…


You are one of South Africa’s best fashion designers at the moment. How has the experience been for you so far?

Awesome man! It makes me feel more confident about what I do. I must honestly say it puts me under pressure; fortunately, pressure keeps me going. I still look up to a lot of South African designers who have been around in the industry for a long time.

What does fashion and style mean to you?

I consider fashion as an artistic interaction between people; an environment without fashion would have been boring for me. I understand style as distinctive elements that make one unique from other individuals; it’s a character that one Read the full story

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