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The End of Books?

As an author who is self-published, I find myself at pains to make a choice to finally take the leap of faith into e-readers!

Since my professional background is software development, one would have thought that I would embrace just about any gadget that comes along, but nay.

My reason for not accepting e-readers in their variations is quite simple really. I own a few laptops and a netbook. If I count the gadgets I own, it does not make sense for me to invest in another of those. I have three laptops, one netbook and a smart phone. Now there is an e-reader and tablet to consider. These things are just too much. How on earth am I going to use all of them?

So I still do not own an e-reader nor a tablet. I think people bought these things without really thinking about their use. Tables are for people who want to surf the web and maybe read emails, that’s it. I am not in that category at all. You see, I write a lot on my machines, so a keyboard is a must for me. These touch screens just won’t cut it.

But as an author, I have my work available as e-books, yet I refuse to use e-readers!

What is the impact of these gadgets on our reading population? I have found that people who actually love reading, love Read the full story

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When Blackberry Died, So Did I

False prophets have many a time declared the world as coming to an end. They said that in year 2000 the earth as we know it will seize to exist. This year an American preacher predicted that the world was ending, and others have claimed next year is the year of our demise. I think not. Blackberry users felt the horror and panic of a world threatening to end when they could not access BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Internet.

While chatting on my phone to an old friend on BBM about nothing, I asked my friend a very important question about a shoe I wanted to buy, only to not get an answer. My efforts to ping her into getting a reply were fruitless. I sent her an email and still nothing. When trying to post an update on Facebook on how I hate being ignored I pressed the “Post” button but nothing happened. I asked a fellow addict if her phone was working. I then heard words no BB user ever wants to hear. “Blackberry is dead!”

People around the world, young and old, torch and curve users experienced high stress levels over the past few days, and it even made evening news! I admit that I pulled out fists of hair yesterday. But it was while having breathed in and out during my panic attack that I realised that there was a silence at my work that I didn’t recognise. Instead of the high pitched BBM notifications resounding in the office corridors, I heard birds sing, I heard cars hoot and wow I heard the sound of my thoughts in my head. Thank you Blackberry for bringing back my sanity even if it was just for a couple of days.



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BIS Where Art Thou?

Seconds, minutes and hours never go by without me thinking about the good times we shared. It feels like yesterday when you and I strolled down the quiet streets of the cyber world. You took me to enchanting places. You opened doors I thought only the rich and famous go through. You held my hand through typos, sad and smiling emoticons, and the never ending pings.

I never thought this day would come. You left without saying goodbye. Even a little purple message that I hate so much would have made a difference. Maybe I’m the one who’s to blame; I should have given you more space to breathe.

BIS where art thou?

I never thought I’d miss you this much. My friends or should I say my new nemesis are making fun of me – we’re Headline News. Try sparing a few seconds of your “busy” time and look at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and every other gossip mag, maybe you’ll feel my pain. Here’s one heartbreaking comment I came across: “What did Blackberry say to another Blackberry? Nothing”, maybe once you read them you’ll feel sorry for me and come back.

As I write this letter to you, I’m lying flat on my back stranded; my owner has disserted me. Without you I’m just another phone.

Signed, BlackBerry

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iPhone5 Rumours

Technology has become a vital part of the human life. With a net worth of $255.18 billion and $65.23 billion in annual sales, Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world, having surpassed Microsoft. Though the iPhone 4 was released about fifteen months ago in America, there’s already talk of an iPhone 5. Apple on Tuesday the 27th officially announced the launch event of the iPhone 5. According to reports, the event will take place on the 4th of October at the Apple’s Cupertino, Calif Campus in California. Known for its sleek design the fifth generation of the iphone is set to get tongues wagging.

I did some digging and according to rumours, these are the five “CRAZY” rumored iphone 5 concepts…



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