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Dineo Ranaka to rock our screens

We read about her in Mzansi’s tabloids as she made headlines for mostly all the wrong reasons. But fans will finally get to see beyond the newspaper headlines & experience the “real” Dineo on Wednesdays at 19:30 when Vuzu airs her 12 part reality series titled Dineo’s Diary: A Mogul in the Making.

The show follows Ranaka as she balances motherhood, family and her career, while taking viewers through the highs and lows of her life as she pursues her dream to become a mogul. Speaking at the Pyramid Day Spa for the media launch of the show on Wednesday, Head of Channel for Vuzu & Channel O, Solly Moeng said he was excited about their project with the former YFM DJ. “Dineo is a multi-faceted, strong woman and this show will reveal all that about her. The audiences are in for a good time and a shock as to who the real Dineo is,” he says.

Ranaka could also not contain her excitement, “I want to use myself as a case study for a lot of young entrepreneurs. So here I am. Watch me do it. It won’t be easy, I have stumbled but I will always dust myself off as I embark on my journey to build my empire,” she says. Apart from an all day intimate spa experience with the club 808 presenter, the media was also treated to a teaser screening of the show. On Dineo’s Diary fans will see Dineo as she launches her media company, get the down low on her relationship with boyfriend Les and interaction with her mother – who plays a supporting role as her hairstylist, grandmother to her son, as well as her siblings, among them popular actress Manaka Ranaka.

Ranaka is not just the star but also Executive Producer for the show. “It’s exciting entering the world of television from radio. I am confident about this production as I am working with a solid team. Vuzu is trendy and fashion forward and are the leaders in reality TV,” she adds With the positive reaction to other reality shows such Creame CartelRunning with the Reps and Forever Young all exclusive to Vuzu, Dineo’s Diary: A Mogul in the Making is also set to be a hit.

Tune on Wednesday 4th July at 19:30 on Vuzu – Channel 123.

Source: http://vuzu.dstv.com/


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The Reps Reunion a South African TV first!

Running with the Reps

Vuzu is about breaking boundaries and in a South African television first, Running with the Reps fans can look out for a reunion show next week Wednesday, 23 May at 19:30.

Before the premiere of season two in February 2012 Larry “Larryngitis” Mncube-Nhlane, co-founder of the dance crew, promised that viewers would be entertained by “some of the best footage to come out of South Africa. There will be more drama, more dancing and viewers will see the Reps become an even bigger entity,” a promise well kept.

Now that the show has wrapped and the boys have been out of the mansion for a while, Vuzu brings them back together for a 30 minute reunion special hosted by Dineo Ranaka who will be launching her reality show on the channel titled Dineo’s Diary: A Mogul in the Making later on in the year.

Under Dineo’s watchful eye we delve into a variety of issues that have touched the crew. Season 1 ended with Nthato “Taydos” Malete leaving the crew after receiving a blow from Thabiso “TJ” Mkhwanazi. Season 2 saw Taydos return to the crew, and amongst the fighting and partying which threatened to destroy the group, he stepped up to his initial role as leader of the Reps where he had to make some tough decisions.

Viewers will also get to hear from Larry, the emotional journey he went through and eventually shed some light on why he stepped down as Reps leader.

An emotional outburst from Mike sheds some light on what has been really going on with Senhle “Chama” Mazibuko as well as his future with the crew… if there is one?

A reunion show would not be complete without never-before-seen footage and with an entertaining bunch like the Reps, there is bucket loads of riveting viewing!

For personal journeys you don’t want to miss, join Vuzu as we (yet again) create a South African television first with the Running with Reps: Reunion special, Wednesday, 23 May at 19:30 – loud and uncut only on Vuzu – DStv channel 123!

*Running with the Reps follows the daily lives of the different personalities that make up the trendy and influential Johannesburg based dance group The Repertoires. In the show we feature the six main group members, Nthato Malete, Larry “Larryngitis” Mncube-Nhlane, Michael Makwala, Senhle “Chama” Mazibuko, Siyabonga “DJ Capital” Sibeko, The Thundacats Kea and Thato Deluxe.

Source: http://vuzu.dstv.com


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Dineo Ranaka’s new show – Dineo’s Diary’s: A mogul in the making

Dineo Ranaka wasn’t joking when she wrote, “Invest in me today and avoid the rush tomorrow –  R.A.D.I.O – Realize Accept Dineo Is Outstanding! The devil himself fears me!” Dineo will star in her own new reality TV show on the vibrant youth channel Vuzu.

Titled Dineo’s Diary: A Mogul in the Making, the show follows Dineo Ranaka as she balances motherhood, family and her career while taking viewers through the highs and lows of her life as she pursues her dream to become a mogul.

“With the positive reaction to Forever Young being based on the hard work, failures and successes of three young men, we felt it was time to showcase the life of a strong outspoken female in the industry working hard to build her empire,” says Solly Moeng, Acting Head Of Youth Channels.

Ranaka could not contain her excitement about the show, “I want to use myself as a case study for a lot of young entrepreneurs. You read about people like Patrice Motsepe but few know how he got to where he is. So here I am. Watch me do it. It won’t be easy. I have stumbled but I will always dust myself off as I embark on my journey to build my empire,” says Dineo Ranaka.

Ranaka is not just the star of the show but is also the Executive Producer. “It’s exciting entering the world of television from radio. I am confident about this production as I am working with a solid team. Vuzu is trendy and fashion forward and are the leaders in reality TV,” she adds.

Now that explains all those Dineo’s Diary hashtags on  her Twitter timeline!

- By Innocent Ndlovu

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Forever Young: Lungile, Siya & Thomas Get Busy Living

"Get Busy Living" on VuzuTV

Vuzu’s brand new homegrown show takes reality television into a totally new realm – one where big dreams, leaps of faith, inspiration, aspiration, and the pursuit of personal success are the point of everything!

Titled Forever Young – with the tagline “Get Busy Living” – the show follows a trio of young South Africans determined to follow their heart and live in the moment in pursuit of their (big) dreams!

That trio is headed up by Lungile Radu, who first entered the hearts and lives of Africans as part of the Channel O team, earning him the enduring nickname “Lungsta”.

Since those days, Lungile has appeared on It’s For Life, and took over from Taps Mokoena as the host of Fear Factor South Africa for the second season, which aired in 2007. In 2007, Lungile made his screen acting debut in the leading role of “rich boy” Sibusiso Vilakazi on the soapie Rhythm City. More recently Lungile has hosted the hugely successful Channel O show, Goal Diggerz – a great fit for this avid runner who has notched up two Comrades Marathons (when he’s not hanging with his boys).

Lungile is joined by Siyabonga Ngwekazi, another highly experienced South African entertainer. Over the years, Siya has Read the full story

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The Last Dictator Standing

When you use satire to create cartoon characters depicting the likes of Robert Mugabe, P.W Botha, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in a television advert titled “The Last Dictator Standing,” you are bound to push a few buttons.

Over the years South African fast food chain Nandos has become synonymous with controversy. Their latest television advert showcases a rather unhappy Mugabe dining alone while reminiscing about “happier” times with former dictators. The 60 second ad shows Mugabe playing water tag with Gaddafi, making snow angels in the sand with Saddam Hussein, riding a tank with Idi Amin in a scene and manner resembling that of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic, singing karaoke with Mo Zedang and finally pushing P.W Botha on a swing.

Even though l am laughing for days, the Nando’s ad pushed a few over the edge. It’s reported that a number of Zimbabwean youth are demanding an apology from Nando’s South Africa and are threatening to boycott the fast food outlet. Despite a press release by Nando’s stating that the advert will be banned from television, the $370, 000 ad is still playing on South African television and has become an internet sensation on YouTube.

Previous controversial advertisements by Nandos include:

In the year 2000, an ad that involved a blind woman being led into a pole intentionally and knocked unconscious by her guide dog, which continued to eat the chicken that woman had just purchased.

2009, a TV ad lampooning the then ANCYL president Julius Malema by using a puppet that resembled him, and later removing it after being sued, and replacing the ad with a new altered version. This was the advert:

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New Show Seeks Characters

Have you reached a point in your life where enough is enough?

Are you about to do a drastic change in your career, body, spiritual or emotional life?

What are you about to do about it and what is at stake if you don’t?

A local production company is looking for young people between the ages of 18-35 who are willing to share their stories on camera with no limits for a new reality show. They need honest people who feel they have reached a specific point in their lives that require them to take a drastic, yet much needed physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological change in order to better themselves.

Send your stories about your journey of taking that leap in life that will literally make or break you – no less than 250 words – to poppy@dzugudapro.co.za or pops@kasitimes.co.za

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Q&A with Adze Ugah

Introduce yourself to Kasi Times and where, how and why the love of film began for you.
As far back as I can remember I have always loved films. All it takes is for it to dazzle on the silver screen and it will have my complete and total attention. This was also helped by the fact that my father worked for our country’s (Nigeria) national broadcaster, so he was required to preview some films that the establishment had acquired, consequently, when he watched them I was also there watching with him. That was where it all began.

Apartheid South Africa saw Africans play stereotypical and oppressive roles. After Apartheid passed, SA movies however took a long time to develop and see black people in roles of power and influence. It’s 2011 Where are we now in terms of this?
Well, a bit of background first: every filmmaker is first and foremost a product of his or her own context. It is therefore not surprising for South African filmmakers to make films with themes that revolved around apartheid; this of course, was based on their world view and personal experiences… and make no mistake, these will never be exhaustive. More so, no one can ever tell these stories better than South Africans, it is their legacy and it is therefore their right to explore its socio-political impact. It is still very recent history and in my humble opinion I don’t think enough Justice has been done to apartheid themed films. I think there is still plenty of narrative ground to cover. There is a popular notion that these films have the potential of being depressing and could possibly alienate the audience. Not true, in my opinion, I don’t think a case will ever develop where South African audiences become gatvol of apartheid themed films. The presentation of the films might be tiresome but the stories and ideas will always be appealing to our audiences.  Slavery is as old as apartheid and even older, but stories with themes of slavery will never end.

That being said, we are currently in a state of stasis, and if we are to move forward, if anything must change, it is the presentation and the manner in which these stories are told.  A filmmaker is someone who knows just how much of everything is enough to tell a story in the most moving way possible. Indigenous films must be engaging as they are entertaining, their relevance will always be just a bonus. We must fine tune the art of telling our stories; this definitely implies that the present approach must change.

The South African films and doccies that do make it abroad are always of a negative nature, why is this? Read the full story

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My World 2 with Adze Ugah #MyWorld

Tonight we get a chance to sit in the director’s chair next to one of Mzansi’s most talented filmmakers of our time, Adze Ugah. The Nigerian born SAFTA winner takes us through his inspirational yet challenging journey of why, when and how he became one of the best and most versatile directors in this country. He turns the camera around and for a change allows the lens to focus on him, telling of how he got to create proudly Mzansi shows like Zone 14, Home Affairs, Society and Jacob’s cross. He explores where his love for showreels, cameras, lights, call sheets, tapes and clipboards all began.

Catch his inspiring story into the world of film and televisions tonight at 21H00 on SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho!

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My World 2 Tonight with Seipei Mashugane

Tonight on SABC 1 at 9pm we are once again introduced to larger than life Mzansi personality who excels in her field. We meet an extraordinary woman who dared herself into being different by following her dreams and owning a bike. Seipei Mashugane, a divorcee and mother of two, takes us on a ride towards her path of recovering from separation, starting a charity drive and finding herself through the speed and adrenaline of a Harley Davidson. She shows us just how one should be resilient and stubborn when fighting to make your dreams, ambitions and goals tangible and enjoying life while doing so.  Catch her story on SABC1 Mzansi FoSho

Poppy Pops Vilakazi


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No More Mr. Nice Guy #eKasi: Our Stories

BY: Kagiso Mogale

This film is about the journey of love, betrayal, money, family and power. Set in Zola, a township in the heart of Soweto, Mkhululi is a loving man who will do anything for his family. When his son falls ill and has to have an urgent heart operation, he finds himself in a desperate situation where he has to make some hard decisions.

In desperation, he takes the wrap for Bra White, who has killed someone, on condition that he pays for the operation and takes care of his family while he is away. After 15 years in jail, Mkhululi gets released and finds out the Bra White has moved in to his territory.

He discovers that Bra White has coerced his wife Queen to be his wife and has made his son believe that he is his father. In a desperate fight to reclaim his old life with his family, Mkhululi stands up to this notorious criminal and all does not end well – expect bullets and blood spilled!

Catch eKasi: Our Stories every Monday on eTV at 21H00 sharp! And look out for No More Mr. Nice Guy on Monday the 17th on eKasi: Our Stories.

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Your Boy Touch is Back!

Popular television and radio personality Tbo Touch is back! The under-rated super star that rolls with the big fish of the entertainment industry like Akon, is the host of the second season of the entertainment magazine show Flash. The show started airing last Friday night on Sabc3 to positive reviews. Here are some of the tweets from industry friends and fans.

@TheGabiGabi Ndebele: I love Tbo Touch he makes TV more fun #Flash

@CarolRalefetaCarol Ralefeta: Congrats @TouchDown326 for Flash on @sabc3

@Sesi_SugarplumLesego Swarts: SABC3 RT @tshepo87: Channel? RT Sesi_Sugarplum: Thibo Touch new Flash presenter, this show is bauws and I’ve been watching for 5 minutes ☺

@KhanyiMbauWORLDKhanyiMbauWORLD: now following @flashsabc3 Really enjoyed #Flash tonight, i think its better than season 1

@MsLeloBLelo Amaka B™: Viewing episode 1 of @FlashSABC3with No. 1 critic @Phathu,@PelwoM @DeeLebata &@Mfunalwazi. 9pm on SABC3.


This is what you can expect this October on Flash…

@TouchDown326Touch Down: October on ‘FLASH': David Guetta, John Legend, Keri Hilson, Zahara, Kay Foxx, Brandy, P-Square all in studio. SABC3 9PM (((BANG)))

One episode done. Twenty five more to go. All l can say is Lights! Camera! FLASH!

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Soul City Returns


Soul City 11, is set in the clinic where people with limited resources, but filled with passion and tenacity struggle to make their world a better place. A range of issues are explored through a cast of vivid characters – a feisty and fearless nurse; an electrician in search of work; an HIV + mother expecting her first child; a bossy mother-in-law; a corrupt mayor; a councillor concerned to serve his community despite mounting pressures; a beautiful girl in love with the wrong guy; a boxing champ desperate to please his traditional father and a single mother and her daughter, on the run from creditors.

Meet Sis Noni (Florence Masebe), a community stalwart, dedicated nurse, wife and mother. She is the thorn in the side of local councillor Philani (Fana Mokoena). When the rundown clinic burns down, sparks fly. Both blame each other. Will the community and local council find a way to work together to bring health services back to the community?

Smokin Joe’s, the local boxing gym owned by Sis Noni’s husband, Malusi (Dumisani Mbebe) becomes the venue for a temporary clinic. Here Sis Noni continues with the important work of preventing mother to child transmission (PMTCT) and running a medical male circumcision campaign (MMC). But she runs into a wall, when her traditional husband, Malusi insists their two sons, Sam (Robert Mpisi) and Mandla (Siyanda Sesimani) undergo traditional circumcision instead. Mandla, the favourite son and boxing champ always obeys his dad, but Sam, his older brother who has a mind of his own, refuses. Sam is also in love with Nkosazana (Samukelo Ndlovu), the new girl in his class, who has recently arrived at Soul City with her mother, Grace (Leleti Khumalo). Read the full story

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So What?

I am a young, patriotic South African. I am proud to be a descendent of this African continent. The present state of affairs in South Africa and Africa as a whole causes my being to shudder. Historically, we have been colonised, enslaved and oppressed. But our pride would not let us cower for longer. Many fought, and many laid their lives for the emancipation of oppressed citizens. We followed democracy, and received the vote. But are we better off?

The new dispensation ushered forth the rise of the elite black, known as black diamonds. And the growing gap between the rich and the economically deprived. Ubuntu bethu is determined by your address, your Lamborghini and designer wear.

In the name of entertainment, we create senseless reality shows to glorify the lifestyle of excess. Eating sushi off scantily clad women, sitting in bath tubs filled with expensive champagne. We observe a young woman ridiculing hard-working women who wake up early to set up their trading stalls in the market, because they won’t accept American currency and won’t swipe your credit card. All in the name of entertainment she disrespects women older than her, likening them to apes and Tarzan.

Darkies, have we completely lost the plot, our values, and sense of Ubuntu?
Mr, Mrs, Miss Black Diamond, will it hurt to help build underprivileged communities.
Yes, you, Tenderpreneurs. Will it hurt your pockets to dig down and donate to uplifting the area/community that is filling your coffers?
Mr, Mrs, Miss Politician will it hurt to try to bridge the gap of economic inequality?

Please wake up ubuntu benu. This is Africa!

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Jozi’s Moving the City

Jozi Moving the City is set to start airing today on SABC1 at 6pm. For those not in the know, Jozi Moving the City is an 8 Part reality TV show following JOZI (Ishmael Morabe aka Ishmiza and Leslie Mampe aka Da L.E.S) travelling around the world taking their new found muthaland sounds global. JOZi, with their new project manager David kibuuka, find themselves in Swaziland, Namibia, Limpopo, Ghana and Nigeria in the strangest of situations. They finally travel to New York, Atlanta and end up in LA. On their travels they record a new album.

Here’s a snippet of the first episode.

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